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    Signify Service tag: Making LED maintenance operations easier and faster

    September 19, 2017


    As you probably know, LEDification in outdoor lighting is a growing trend due to the high level of light quality and energy efficiency of LED technology. But maintenance of LED luminaires is more complex as of as conventional, right? It requires different competences and processes. Yet the pressure for rapid fault finding and repair increases due to safety and efficiency reasons.

    Signify Service tag
    We asked ourselves, how we could improve the ease of operations for you out there. Whether you are an installer looking for certainty, a maintenance company looking for support or a municipality looking for reliability, Signify is glad to introduce Service tag, a unique QR based identification system placed on products, poles and boxes which they’re delivered in, making LED maintenance operations easier and faster.
    Signify Service tag QR based identification system

    Where LED products continue to change and upgrade over time, never guess again about the specific luminaire and the components inside!


    The Service tag application delivers value by:

    • Providing access to necessary lighting component information at the right time and place.
    • Enabling smoother maintenance processes by providing relevant luminaire configuration information and identifying spare parts needed.
    Signify Service tag application

    Here’s how it works:


    Before installation
    By reading the tag on the box, you know exactly what’s in the box, and have all the information required for an easy and professional installation


    After installing the luminaire, simply read the tag from the app to register the product. By registering the product, you are sure Signify will provide support throughout the lifetime of the product.


    Just scan the tag on the door of the pole with the app and it will assist you with a troubleshooting guide, applicable to that given luminaire.


    Spare parts identification
    The Service tag app also shows you the available spare parts for the particular product, and they are presented in the order of most probable cause.


    The age of digital luminaire maintenance is finally here! For more information about our Service Tag, watch de below video or visit:



    philips service tag

    Products available with Service tag

    The  Lumec RoadFocus LED Cobrahead family will begin shipping with the Service tag QR code labels in September 2017. Look for additional product families to be added in the coming months.

    Products available with Service tag


    Tim McKinney
    Tim McKinney

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