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    Get the perfect fit with the new Philips LED HID replacement lamps

    September 15, 2020
    One stop source with Philips LED HID Replacement Lamps

    A one stop source


    There is so much variety in the type or retrofit HID projects, and even within these, there can be a multitude of applications whether it be inside or outside.

    Signify has impressively expanded the breadth of Philips LED HID replacement products to offer an assortment of solutions to many of these applications, whether it be for high bay fixtures or wall pack fixtures, post tops and more. The 2020 portfolio includes both a robust CorePro tier of products for more budget-friendly projects requiring versatile lamps to work in multiple applications, as well as a MasterClass tier of best-in-class lamps for the more discerning projects which require optimal distribution of light with even longer lifetimes. Based on your budget or specific needs, Signify offers an ideal solution and the choice is simply yours!


    The "Perfect Fit" with uncompromising efficacy and color quality


    We understand when upgrading to LED from HID lamps, size matters! Both our TrueForce High bay lamps and our LED Corn Cobs are new and improved. In 2020, our HID replacement lamps portfolio is significantly expanding but the lamps are shrinking in size and losing weight. We are proud to be the only manufacturer who offers a comprehensive portfolio with both an extensive selection of lower wattage HID replacement lamps as well as the “true” high wattage 400W+ equivalents which are designed to fit within industry standard ANSI dimensions. All of our new lamps are CRI80 and enclosed rated, so you can install them anywhere, even where color quality matters. You no longer must shop around and purchase lamps from multiple manufacturers to fit your needs and/or budget. We have even developed a matrix to not only demonstrate our breadth of portfolio, but to help guide you through your decision journey and the myriad of options. Given our comprehensive offering and support tools, you can reduce stress & complexity by consolidating with us as your one-stop shop.

    Perfect fit with Philips LED HID Replacement Lamps

    The ideal solution


    Deciding on how to retrofit your traditional HID lights to LED can be a daunting process. The myriad of options quickly becomes overwhelming and you may need help getting started.

    Does the lamp provide sufficient energy savings? Will the installation be complex, time consuming or expensive? Will the lamps stand the test of time?  Will the light output be sufficient for the space?


    By choosing a quality Philips HID replacement lamp, you can put your concerns aside and feel confident that you have made the best decision. These lamps were designed as the perfect solution to facilitate the transition from traditional HID to energy saving LEDs. 


    Energy savings


    The Philips LED HID replacements deliver up to 68% energy savings, when compared to a HID lamp with ballast.

    Energy savings with Philips LED HID Replacement Lamps

    Easy install


    The LED portfolio includes a robust offering of UL type B options which allow you to bypass the ballast and easily retrofit an LED lamp, and even UL-type A High bay lamps if you require a plug and play solution keeping the existing ballast. The possibilities are endless. 


    Durability & Longevity


    We pride ourselves on our meaningful innovation, high quality, trust & reputation that we have built over the last 125 years. When designing our products, we continue to put safety and longevity first. That is why our CorePro tier of LED Corn cob lamps use a Passive cooling platform, decreases the maintenance from dust & debris, ensures warranty and long life, and eliminates the noise caused by a fan. That being said, during development it was paramount that our high wattage MasterClass Corn Cobs deliver up to 24,000 lumens and yet be small enough to fit within the industry ANSI standards.  Therefore, our Active Cooling lamps were developed in-house, ensuring longevity with a special air turbo design for superior thermal management. When selecting Philips HID replacements, you can rest assured that your lamps will be the “perfect fit” and still stand the test of time. Of course, our lamps hold all of the industry recognized classifications and ratings to give you, and your customers the quality assurance that you both demand. Listings/Ratings: cULus Classified, DLC Certified, RoHS Compliant, and NSF Rated.

    Conventional Philips HID Lamps



    Our customers always come first, and we want to take the stress away from making the LED transition. Check out our impressive Product Matrix to help guide you to the perfect choice for your specific needs.

    Philips LED HID Replacement Lamps product matrix

    Make the logical switch


    There are so many compelling reasons to switch from Traditional HID to Philips LED. An easy LED replacement with hassle-free installation, up to 70% energy savings, reliable lifetime up to 50,000 hours, Instant-On, color & lumen maintenance, optically efficient light output, superior surge protection, a full suite of solutions to choose from, and so much more. The Philips LED HID replacement lamps were designed with most of your industrial, commercial & outdoor projects in mind, so go to our LED / HID Replacements web page and find out how easy it is to make the switch.

    Philips LED HID Replacement Lamps switch
    Learn more: LED/HID Replacements


    Madhurima Basu-Sajdak
    Madhurima Basu-Sajdak

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