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    Protect your smart building investment with Interact Pro scalable system

    June 9, 2021
    The Interact Pro Scalable System
    The Interact Pro scalable system is designed to help you take small, incremental steps to reach your smart building goals.

    Smart buildings aren’t just hype anymore. They are a reality as organizations increasingly look to maximize their sustainability efforts, while trying to keep employees safe and boost engagement and collaboration.


    The transition to a smart building or office can seem daunting and give an impression that a significant investment is required. But this is not the case! The latest connected lighting technology – our Interact Pro scalable system – can make your smart building journey easy and cost-effective.


    A wireless solution with sensors integrated into luminaires, the Interact Pro scalable system can help you realize energy savings and your sustainability targets without relying on IT support or disrupting your existing processes. As your business priorities change, the system can scale to meet your new needs without displacing or replacing the luminaires or sensors – thus safeguarding your investment. 


    Make the leap from smart lighting to super smart lighting

    Interact Scalable Animation

    To make it easy for you to tap the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and enjoy the benefits of connected lighting, the Interact Pro scalable system offers three options:



    A standalone controls systems with cost-effective, code- and rebate-compliancy, along with deep energy-savings



    Adding cloud connectivity for energy reporting and remote management



    Unlock value beyond illumination through data-enabled applications and APIs


    Interact pro scalable system offers you flexibility to set up and configure the system as you need. Applications can include occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, scene setting or grouping and zoning of lights.

    3 ways to realize cost-savings


    It’s not just easy to get started in your smart building journey – you can also do it cost-effectively. The Interact Pro scalable system enables the installer to spend less time onsite and turn over projects quickly, minimizing labor by offering an intuitive configuration App and an infrared pointing device that fastracks the overall system setup.


    You can also achieve savings by leveraging two unique features to the system. The adaptive dimming and dwell time features enable the system to adapt to occupancy patterns in real time and minimize waste by recognizing passing by motion versus dwelling motion.


    Adaptive Dimming:

    Dwell Time:


    These features have proven to reduce energy costs by up to 75%; with the addition of gateways, it can even be reduced up to 85%.


    Flexibility is key


    The wireless lighting control system is inherently code compliant to latest standards, qualifies for utility rebates, awarded a security certification by DEKRA and is easy to design for renovation or new construction applications (concept to blueprint), as well as supports full integration of third-party luminaires on top of our Philips MasterConnect lamps, EvoKits and Genlyte luminaire brands for maximum design flexibility.

    Interact Photo Collage

    Are you ready to jump all in and protect your investment on day 1?


    The Interact Pro scalable system can help you wherever you are in your smart building journey – the beauty is on day 1 your connected lighting investment is future ready and can scale up as your business needs change. Interact Pro scalable is compliant with all of the latest building regulations and codes including ASHRAE, Title 24, IECC and UL, and qualifies for a variety of utility rebates. What more could you ask!


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    Rahul Shira
    Rahul Shira

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