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    Lumec SoleCity LED urban luminaires: Create a city’s identity

    June 12, 2018


    The Lumec SoleCity LED urban luminaires is not new in our portfolio, but recent improvements in this product family are worth sharing.

    Aside of the improvements and as a refresher, the Lumec SoleCity LED urban luminaires are a comprehensive line of high efficiency, outdoor LED lighting solutions. The SoleCity will help create a city’s identity and develop city pride with a wide range of products designed with a distinguished, modern, sleek and flawless signature style.

    Lumec SoleCity LED
    Urban luminaires
    Multiple products, one signature style! SoleCity includes distinct LED outdoor lighting products, in 3 categories: street and area LED lighting, functional and ambience LED lighting, and architectural LED lighting.
    SoleCity overview

    You also have the freedom to modify some details. The freedom to create different ambiences. Too good to be true? This is exactly what you can expect from the SoleCity Collection. SoleCity not only offers a complete line of high-performance outdoor LED products, but they can be fully customized to make them even more special for your different urban projects.


    Looking for even more possibilities? Then get connected! SoleCity luminaires easily integrate with a full range of control options, from simple to advanced. The entire collection can be controlled individually or communicate with each other, offering ease of management and significant savings.


    Now, what's new?

    Thanks to the new optional satin lens, you can now enjoy a nighttime walk and expect visual comfort. The optional lens helps eliminate glare to increase visual comfort for an enhanced user experience in pedestrian applications. The optional frosted lens is available in the LED mid-pole light, LED light column and the LED bollard.

    Frosted lens

    At a glance:

    • 3000K now available for all products
    • Dimming driver now standard
    • Optional uplight deflector available with the LED mid-pole light, LED light column and the LED bollard
    • Significant performance and efficacy improvements


    See how rejuvenating public spaces with the Lumec SoleCity LED urban luminaires is convenient, effortless and so accommodating

    Visit the SoleCity product pages for more info.


    Tim McKinney
    Tim McKinney

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