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    Signify expands its stock offering and prepares its launch of Ready to go

    December 15, 2020
    Led Wraparound

    Are you Ready to go?


    In 2021, Stock Ready will be replaced by our new Ready to go portfolio! Signify is bringing you the most complete stock offer in the industry. The full offering will include conventional lamps and ballasts, LED lamps, drivers and EvoKits, and stock luminaires. Save time and improve efficiencies by consolidating your stock purchases with Signify!  Keep your eye out for our blog next month with more details.


    In our last communication, we highlighted products to help you make the easy selection by carrying less stock with more options by using our new selectable products.  Now in addition to our lean, mean, lighting machines, the Lightolier Flat Downlight Select and our Day-Brite selectable backlit panels, we invite you check out new additions to Signify’s family of selectable products.


    With the unique convenience of field adjustable color temperatures and/or lumen outputs our new field selectable product line makes it easy to ensure you have the right product at the right price all while keeping your SKU count low and inventory turns high. 

    Don’t be left in the dark… Install a Stonco LED Security Light Select


    The Stonco LED Security Light is an economical solution, delivering the right light required for both commercial and residential applications. Its reliable LED technology ensures maintenance-free installation and a long lifetime. This motion-activated security light has color temperature selectable features to meet light requirements of many different customers.

    Led Security Light

    Brighten your surroundings with the new Day-Brite NWL Wraparound


    The new NWL wraparound is now available with field-selectable color temperatures in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K to minimize your stocking complexity! Available in 4', 4000LM, and with 0-10V dimming, this luminaire offers an integrated PIR occupancy sensor and a built-in switch to enable and disable the sensor. White polycarbonate housing provides durability, and a frosted polycarbonate lens ensures even, low-glare lighting.

    Led Wraparound Color Temperatures


    Our current stocking portfolio continues to offer simplified yet essential products focused on the fulfillment of the most popular and daily demands of core stock items for small projects, maintenance and repair opportunities.


    Wendy Timbie
    Wendy Timbie

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