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    ComfortFade drivers with auxiliary output – Raising the bar for standard features

    November 17, 2020
    Image of a ComfortFade driver with auxiliary output
    In today’s competitive marketplace, luminaire manufacturers need new ways to differentiate their products — new ways to stand out among the competition and meet rising customer expectations. Advance Xitanium LED drivers with ComfortFade and auxiliary output offer a unique opportunity to deliver a premium and customizable solution to customers.

    ComfortFade – Enable smooth transitions


    With ComfortFade, you can easily customize the time it takes for luminaires to fade on or dim off via a sensor. Whether it’s a more gradual transition for occupant comfort or a code-compliant transition at dim levels below 1%, one driver covers it all. ComfortFade is designed with ease of use in mind, just set the dim level and transition time for on or off, and the driver calculates the dimming curves by itself.

    A chart explaining how the ComfortFade LED driver works

    A simple solution for fixture-level control


    Adding occupancy sensors, simple radios, or daylight harvesting controls is a great way to reduce energy consumption and meet regulatory requirements. Advance Xitanium LED drivers make it easy with a built-in 24V auxiliary output for fixture-level control. The auxiliary output is compatible with a wide range of off-the-shelf 0–10V controls, and it eliminates the need for an additional power pack — all while maintaining the original linear Xitanium footprint.

    A graph of the auxiliary output of the ComfortFade driver

    A wide range of applications with fewer SKUs


    Xitanium LED drivers with ComfortFade and auxiliary output are available in 30W, 40W, 50W, and 75W models to cover a wide range of lumen packages. We have also expanded the operating window down to 16V to cover lower-voltage applications.


    ComfortFade sensor compatibility


    The Philips EasySense SNS010C is an infrared bi-level occupancy sensor with daylight harvesting capability. It is powered by the LED driver with Aux power supply (12-24VDC) and provides control via 0-10V dimming. Different combinations of lighting output and dimming profile can be configured using the eight dip-switches. It also supports automatic daylight calibration with a patent-pending routine using the electrical on-off switch for the light fixture.

    List of compatible sensors

    These drivers are setting a new standard for performance, versatility, and reliability by offering:


    • ComfortFade which provides smooth transitions from light to dark and dark to light
    • Built-in auxiliary power enables the addition of occupancy and daylight sensors
    • SimpleSet programming to customize the profile to match application needs
    • Low-ripple output current for camera and scanner compatibility
    • Class P listings to ensure interchangeability without extensive compliance retesting


    For more information on Advance Xitanium LED drivers with ComfortFade and auxiliary output, contact your Signify representative today or visit



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