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    Color Kinetics Vaya Flood Series Now Available with Intelligent RGBW Light

    January 11, 2022
    Vaya Flood G3 RGBW Blog Header

    No two lighting projects are the same. That’s why we’ve expanded our popular Vaya Flood series with Vaya Flood LP G3, MP G3, and HP G3 – all with intelligent RGBW light. The addition of a separate white LED provides better quality white light compared to RGB.


    Supremely versatile, these luminaires deliver either static or dynamically-changing illumination for interior or exterior use that minimizes your initial investment, while providing you with exceptional flexibility to create eye-catching flood, wash, and accent lighting effects. So, you can achieve your bright, brighter, and brightest vision. Check out the video.


    With Vaya Flood, you get high quality, innovative design, and rigorously tested reliability, all with the power and capabilities that match the needs of your specific project. And your budget.

    Vaya Flood LP G3, RGBW
    Vaya Flood LP G3, RGBW, Low-power exterior architectural floodlight with intelligent RGBW light. A powerful solution for small to mid-sized projects.
    Vaya Flood MP G3, RGBW
    Vaya Flood MP G3, RGBW, Mid-power exterior architectural floodlight with intelligent RGBW light. Compact and light weight, with an aluminium die-cast housing anodized and powder coated to protect against corrosion and IP66 outdoor rating, make this luminaire a robust choice against harsh outdoor environments.
    Vaya Food HP G3, RGBW

    Vaya Food HP G3, RGBW, High-power exterior architectural floodlight with intelligent RGBW light. With a selection of three different beam angles, from narrow spot projections to flood lighting applications and generous tilt aiming, this luminaire is a flexible tool-box for a host of small-to-large interior and exterior applications.


    See why Vaya Flood is great for all-purpose use—and for getting attention.


    Julie Reece
    Julie Reece

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