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    COMING SOON: Bodine BSL06M5 – LED Downlight Emergency Innovation

    July 8, 2020
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    Later in 2020, Bodine will be releasing the Bodine BSL06M5, which introduces a novel way of installing the emergency LED driver with downlight fixtures. The BSL06M5 will be housed in a new compact case, enabling it to be directly installed onto the junction box of a downlight fixture, eliminating the need for a separate bracket to install the emergency driver and bulky, heavy conduits for the wiring. There will be two versions available, a bottom stud mount and a surface mount.
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    Incorporating Bodine ingenuity, the BSL06M5 enables installers to save time and reduces costs by simplifying installation. The mounting plate included enables a seamless installation for the BSL06M5 device onto a standard junction box. The packaging includes all the relevant hardware needed to install the emergency solution: BSL06M5 emergency driver, mounting plate, test switch/charging indicator assembly, wire bundle and wire extraction tool.
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    The test switch assembly included comes with the test switch, charging indicator light, lead wires, plenum rated sleeve, and connectors. The innovative design of the test switch does not require conduit and can be installed through the reflector of the fixture or through the ceiling tile. If needed, the test switch assembly can also be purchased separately.


    Key Innovative Features:

    • New compact design that installs directly onto the junction box
    • Plenum rated test switch assembly
    • Automatic code-compliant testing (self-test)
    • Smart charger technology for low energy consumption
    • Meets Title 20 CEC (California Energy Commission) efficiency standards
    • Standard 5-year Bodine warranty
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    To learn more about the BSL06M5 or other innovative Bodine technologies, contact Bodine today at or (888) 263-4638, option 2. Bodine is working constantly to create innovative emergency lighting solutions and has been a leader in emergency lighting for over 50 years.


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