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    Parking with confidence with Gardco’s SoftView LED parking garage luminaires

    March 17, 2020
    LED luminaire

    When garages are constantly lit to maintain a sense of security, maintenance and operating costs can become expensive. Patrons should enjoy peace of mind as they leave their vehicles unattended, drive, and move about in a parking garage, and now, achieving this doesn’t have to come at the expense of high energy and maintenance costs. Gardco SoftView LED parking garage luminaires are designed to create comfort for patrons and parking garage owners alike.

    See how SoftView LED parking garage luminaires can enhance your parking garage while reducing expenses!

    Parking lighting thumbnail
    SoftView parking garage luminaires use edge lit technology, where LED light is transmitted through the edge of a guide panel. This creates uniform indirect illumination that increases visual comfort without compromising performance or exposing viewers to harsh glare.
    uplight feature
    With the uplight feature, SoftView parking garage luminaires increase a feeling of openness in the space, without the gloomy cave effect that may make some garage users feel unsafe.
    parking garage lighting
    By incorporating SoftView parking garage luminaires into your retrofit or new construction project, you can save on acquisition, operating and maintenance costs, for a low total cost of ownership. This is an ROI example you can achieve by retrofitting 100W PSMH luminaires with SoftView, without the use of controls.
    savings infographic
    Product information

    Visit Gardco SoftView web page for more information and downloads.


    Virginia Allen
    Virginia Allen

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