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    Meeting the complex needs of mixed-use entertainment venues

    October 20, 2022
    Vari-Lite Neo


    Typically, large format entertainment lighting consoles are either focused on theatrical lighting or live event lighting - not both. They tend to be designed for experienced programmers and come with premium price tags.

    In truth, many multifunctional venues have more complex needs than that. They certainly require the capabilities of a premium console, but since they hold different types of events with a range of user experience levels, additional capabilities are required.

    Performing arts centers, houses of worship, and schools need a console that provides advanced programming and effects through an interface that can be simplified for novice users. It needs to be flexible, offering enough faders for live events, yet retaining the detailed cueing and palette capabilities of theatrical lighting – all within a size suitable for the space. Regardless of the type of event, lighting designers are looking for different ways to use all the advanced features of their luminaires quickly and easily - without a lot of time spent programming each fixture individually. Most importantly, the console should offer all of this at a price that doesn’t consume the entire upgrade budget.

    Vari-Lite NEO X Console Keyboard and Screens


    Many of these multipurpose facilities have several spaces of varying sizes and needs within the same facility. Often these spaces want to share show files, training, and more, but require different sizes of consoles. These facilities need different console options with a common operating system, and the ability to tie all these spaces into a connected system, combining control for house lighting, power, architectural lighting, and more.

    The answer to this complex set of requirements? NEO X.

    Vari-Lite NEO X Console Left Screen


    The new Vari-Lite NEO X Series is a family of high-performance lighting consoles specifically designed for mixed-use venues. Leveraging over 150 years of combined experience in entertainment lighting control and running the proven NEO platform, the NEO X5 and NEO X15 consoles offer a feature-rich, customizable solution that is ideal for both theatrical and live event lighting.

    Vari-Lite NEO X Console Right Screen


    The X5 and X15 lighting consoles offer flexibility, with multifunctional motorized playbacks, a streamlined hardware layout, and custom ‘magic sheets’ that speed programming time without compromising capabilities. The UI features docked and resizable windows, a touch-driven interface that feels like a console, and a refreshed look and feel, with quick access to pallets, groups, macros, and effects. NEO software helps designers find the perfect look in less time by including an advanced effects engine that supports chases, timeline effects, waveform effects, pixel mapping for matrix and media effects, and so much more. The X5 and X15 are backed by a robust training and support system.


    Julie Reece
    Julie Reece

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