Lighting for health and wellbeing

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    • Light pollution

      Light pollution

      Watch this webinar to learn how we can save our planet and nature for our future generations.

    • Designing for sustainability

      Designing for sustainability

      Watch this webinar to learn from our eminent guest speakers about The ‘ICU of the Future’ which is a project done by The Prince Charles Hospital Critical Care Research Group (CCRG).

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    • Are your Buildings WELL?

      Are your Buildings WELL?

      Watch this webinar held on Apr 24, 2018 to understand how each WELL Feature is designed to address issues that impact the health, comfort or knowledge of occupants through design, operations and behaviour.

    • Contact us

      Contact us

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    • Sustainable city lighting

      Sustainable city lighting

      Watch this webinar held on Oct 26, 2016 and discover how cities can become epicenters of sustainable change and how we can save cost, reduce emissions and improve socially.