The Power of Light - Going Beyond Illumination

    Watch this webinar to learn the lighting designer's critical role as the "curator of the visual image".
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    Presented by

    Sanjay Mohe
    Brett Andersen
    Principal Designer
    Focus Lighting
    Brett is a principal designer at Focus Lighting who has collaborated with world-renowned design professionals in his career, blending architecture and light in unique ways that create memorable experiences.

    Key topics and learnings


    Within the lighting industry, we rightly place significant focus and value on matters like efficiency, correct illumination levels, and the technical intricacies of the lighting designer’s craft. However, it’s critically important that lighting designers don’t forget the true power they wield; their ability to shape the way a project is experienced and remembered. With such a great responsibility, it’s crucial that—before anything else—they truly understand what the design team and project stakeholders aim to accomplish. 


    We make experiences memorable by using light to guide the eye, creating beautiful visual compositions, and aspiring to instill an emotion in every person that experiences a space. To do this we must navigate the two most crucial parts of the lighting design process: the beginning and the end. To create a cohesive, emotion-evoking design successfully requires a foundation comprising three critical elements: understanding the goal, analyzing the problem and consensus on a central concept. After this, final details like aiming fixtures and adjusting light levels, for example, are pivotal in maintaining and accomplishing the design team’s vision.


    Watch this webinar to learn about the powerful ways light can be used to influence how viewers experience and remember spaces; by guiding the viewer’s eye, forming first impressions, and stirring emotional connections. It will consider the lighting designer as a ‘curator of the visual image’, and the importance of visualizing final designs more clearly than anyone else on the design team. It will also touch on the designer’s obligation to recognize missed opportunities and design risks, and clearly communicating these issues throughout their team.

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