Visual Comfort and Artificial Lighting

    Watch this webinar to understand the importance of  artificial lighting and know how to minimize glare and maximize visual comfort.

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    Presented by

    Sarvdeep Basur
    Sarvdeep Basur
    Principal of Lucent Worldwide

    Sarvdeep an electrical engineer by education has spent more than 30 years in lighting, for him moving to Architectural Creative Lighting came automatically as from his first day after school he started playing with light and finding ways to use it innovatively. Apart from designing architectural lighting he has designed many lighting fixtures (both decorative and architectural) and in the last 5 years some famous lighting public art installations in China.


    Sarvdeep Basur is the Principal of Lucent Worldwide a lighting design firm operating from 6 offices in India, China, Qatar and Germany and has completed more than 3500 projects in the last 15 years. Lucent Worldwide has worked on and completed many prestigious projects in India, China and other countries like The Golden Temple (India), Jaipur Pink City lighting (India), IFC Changchun China, Kunming Convention Center China, Qingdao Flower Exhibition Center China and The Britam Tower Nairobi, Kenya. While “Beautifying by Light” is the main objective of Sarvdeep’s designs finer aspects like visual comfort, care for the environment and respect for darkness of the night are seriously considered for each project. 


    Sarvdeep was awarded and invited to present a paper by the European Parliament in Brussels for creating Beautiful Nightscapes and preserving the Beauty of Night for projects in China.

    Key topics and learnings

    All of us experience visual discomfort, due to artificial lighting, almost everyday (night). However, it seems we have developed an immunity towards it, unless it is an extreme case like headlights of a car coming from the opposite direction or a bright light aimed directly at us. Whether or not glare from artificial light sources disturbs us or not (the degree may vary from person to person), it does have a subconscious effect on our minds which can manifest both physiologically and psychologically. Visual comfort also directly effects our decision making in retail environment, our willingness to stay in particular environment, our efficiency at work, a child's concentration at school, quality of results produced at various tasks, the list goes on and on.

    Visual comfort is a subjective reaction to quantity and quality of light within any given space at any given time and can be improved by using the right lighting fixtures (having high visual comfort probability), of the right color and color rendering, in the right quantity (depending upon the definition of the given space) at the right location. All designers of spaces (architects, interiors designers, landscapers and lighting designers) need to be sensitive to this subject and should know how to minimize glare and maximize visual comfort in artificially lit spaces.


    Key Learnings


    • Importance of light for human health.
    • Quality parameters for visual comfort.
    • Sensitivity of lighting design while designing for people OR Human Centric lighting.
    • Ready reckoner for architects, interior designers etc.


    How glare causes visual discomfort in the office and how good lighting can help.


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