Modulating natural light in architectural spaces

    Watch this webinar and learn about modulating natural light in architectural spaces.
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    Sanjay Mohe
    Sanjay Mohe
    Mindspace Architects
    Sanjay Mohe is co-founder of Mindspace Architects. In his career of more than 30 years, he has focused on developing designs and solutions that are holistic, soulful and deeply human.

    Key topics and learnings


    The way in which people interact with the buildings in which they live, work and relax is deeply informed by light – natural light, artificial lighting and even the absence of light. Our responses to illumination are in part innate, but they are also guided by the culture in which we feel at home, the climate and landscape that surround us.


    In this sense, the experience of light has a profoundly narrative dimension: the quality of light can affect our emotions and our sense of self. Understanding and capturing that quality to link it with the spaces we inhabit lets architects and lighting designers weave a story which gradually unfolds as we walk through them.


    In Modulating natural light in architectural spaces you will see how the design of our building environment cannot be successful without an understanding of space and light. There are many parallels here between traditional architectural customs and our latest insights.

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