Light Pollution - hidden threat

    Watch this webinar to learn from Mr. Ajit Kulkarni (Managing Director of M/s Ajit Kulkarni Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) how we can save our planet and nature, and reduce the pollution so that our future generation will remain healthy, happy and prosperous.
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    In past we all have grown up and our children are still growing up by listening "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". Stars are so much dearer to every one’s life. But now did you see sky filled with stars or celestial objects or Milky Way? Anyone, from a child to an age-old person will get excited to see sky studded with stars and enjoy those moments. In fact, star gazers will be delighted to watch this marvel. It’s absence leads people to take corrective or mitigating actions on ill effects of light pollution that includes bad health effects on human being and environment. The corrective actions taken in this subject will attain Energy Conservation. 


    What is light pollution and how does it occur? And how can we reduce it or control it using smart lighting technology. What are the effects of it? Here is an outside view shared by Mr Ajit Kulkarni, with a focus on the India market and beyond. In this webinar he will also talk about terminology and standards related to the thematic.


    Learning objectives:


    • Investigate the potential health consequences of excessive artificial light at night on human sleep patterns, circadian rhythms, and overall well-being.
    • Understand the ecological impact of light pollution
    • Explore the reasons behind light pollution, including excessive and improperly directed outdoor lighting, urbanization, advertising signs, and industrial activities.
    • Explore energy efficiency and economic considerations.

    Presented by



    • Mr. Ajit Kulkarni has an experience of 35 Yrs. And completed more than 1200 projects.
    • He is an Engineering Graduate with courses of Fire and safety management, EHV Substation, Solar, Data center, Electrical Safety, Façade lighting etc.
    • He is an Author of Book which is Published – “Fire Due To Electricity – Preventable”
    • He has three patents to his name.
    • He is a member of Institute of Engineers, CEEAMA, ISLE, ISHRAE, FSAI.
    • He received the prestigious Entrepreneur’s Award from- Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce & Society Interiors Building Design Award and few accolades.
    • He has published many technical articles in journals, magazines
    • He has conducted many seminars for architects, Contractors, Consultants, Students on technical subjects.

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