Supersight : Spatial Computing and the Evolution of Eyes

    Join this webinar to experience the myriad of ways you can augment your vision with new layers of projected information.
    Artificial lighting

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    Live on Thursday Dec. 19, 2019

    4:00 PM CET/10 AM EDT

    Presented by

    Carla Wilkins
    David Rose
    MIT Instructor, Author, Speaker
    & Innovation Leader




    David Rose, an MIT researcher, author, and serial entrepreneur, offers a unique perspective on the next platform of spatial computing, what he calls SuperSight. David wrote the book on the Internet of Things, owns the seminal patent on photo-sharing, built an AI company focused on computer vision, and was VP of Vision Technology at Warby Parker.


    David is known for translating complex technologies into delightfully intuitive new products and consulting to businesses on how to thrive in digital disruption.


    Key topics and learnings


    The human eye is a wonder. It contains 120 million photoreceptors, discerns 10 million colors, blinks in less than a tenth of a second, and saccades at 900 degrees per second. But, for all of its sophistication, the human eye hasn’t evolved in thousands of years. That’s about to change in a radical way.


    In the next decade, most of us will choose to augment our vision with new layers of painted light delivered via glasses or direction projection on the environment. Our daily experience will become truly weird as artists and game studios start to hack the visual world. SuperSight will change how we shop, learn, play sports, interact socially, and more. Pioneering startups will stake out new fortunes by commercializing SuperSight apps, while many current Fortune 500s will fail to adapt and see their revenue, profitability, and market share dwindle.


    This lively talk will preview the SuperSight revolution and consider its many implications. Come and experience an unapologetically speculative romp into the future of computer vision and human vision. As you’ll discover, SuperSight is a smartphone-sized disruption that will sweep society faster than you can say “airpods.”


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