Do we own the night?

    In this webinar we will understand from our eminent guest speaker ideas for visual planning in public, outdoor spaces in order to conserve the night.
    do we own the night

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    Presented by

    Harmeet Singh Issar
    Harmeet Singh Issar

    Lighting Designer, Serial Entrepreneur

    Founder Partner - Design Matrix, Design Objects, ProjectEye & Project Hygieia

    With a background in electronics engineering, Harmeet started out as among the first Solid State Lighting specialists with Philips Lighting, India. In 2005, fifteen years ago, he founded Design Matrix – an award-winning lighting design practice with offices across India and Australia. He is widely acclaimed in the global lighting industry for his deep understanding of light technology and design. His work and experiences in lighting application led him to setup Design Objects - a product design firm working with clients in and beyond lighting.


    Harmeet is not just a thinker and an innovator, he is someone who challenges the conventional and the socially acceptable. His work can sometimes be interpreted as a fusion of art and science, and why not so, as right from his childhood, Harmeet has been known to pursue science in its most practical aspects.


    Harmeet’s work, therefore, reflects the best of contemporary, yet strives to be efficient and practical. He is passionate about excellence and settles for nothing less than perfection. Harmeet continues to challenge the status quo in his areas of expertise and bringing the best of creativity and imagination to life and making it acceptable to the real world and its’ needs.


    Project Hygieia is Harmeet’s lockdown baby, launched during the pandemic in 2020. At a time when the SARS-CoV2 virus has put hygiene, health and safety to the fore-front of our daily existence, it serves to deploy light and other naturally existing disinfecting agents to help solve our health security crisis.

    Key topics and learnings


    This webinar seeks to question our urge to make our nights brighter in order to feel safe. Through experiences in lighting master-planning and designing for outdoor spaces, it seeks to convey to the audience, ways to light the stage that is the outdoor public realm, without outshining the actors – the buildings and the architecture. It also serves to establish a workable planning ratio between culture : economics : function; as well as build on other strategies that can help conserve the night.


    Learning objectives:


    • Visual planning in public outdoor spaces
    • Dynamics of culture, economics, and function on while designing the lighting for such spaces
    • Why bright is not always safe
    • Learn about other strategies to conserve the night-time environment

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