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    Signify at the 2023 LEDucation Expo and Conference

    Signify is excited to showcase how our best-in-class lighting solutions contribute to a brighter, smarter and more sustainable world.

    February 28, 2023
    1. Outdoor Lighting Innovation
    Gardco GeoForm GBM Exterior Dusk

    Innovation is in our DNA. Our Gardco brand’s cutting-edge optics are redefining the boundaries of architectural outdoor lighting:


    • The Precision Plus optics provide uniform, low glare illumination with high efficacy.
    • The Light Effects optics can be customized with three distributions, as well as uplighting and/or downlighting with a variety of lumen outputs.
    • The Site & Area Optics are optimized for spacing and energy-efficiency at higher lumen outputs.


     The new Gardco GeoForm wall sconce and OptiForm luminaire will be on display, so you can see these optics in action.

    2. A Focus on Enabling Occupant Well-Being
    SyncLine Library
    Our indoor architectural lighting brand, Ledalite, features two unique technologies designed to enhance life with light.
    First, MesoOptics DX uses holographic technology to selectively curve and scatter light, creating an optimal batwing lighting distribution. With controlled brightness, it reduces glare to deliver greater uniformity. This not only improves visual comfort1 but also provides the ability to lower footcandle levels for energy savings.

    Secondly, AccuRender provides excellent color quality (CRI 90) illumination without sacrificing efficacy and energy-savings targets. With careful spectral engineering (and a little bit of color science magic!), it goes above and beyond basic requirements to deliver additional value like enhanced visual comfort2. It is available in Tunable White, too. This allows you to mimic daylight patterns and adjust color temperature and brightness levels for any activity or environment.


    1Czeisler, 1999; Dijk &Archer, 2009; Lucas 2012, 2019
    2Based on comparison of published spec sheet data, most competitor offerings reflect a 15 to 25% efficacy loss for CRI 90 compared to CRI 80, while Ledalite AccuRender results in only ≤5% drop compared to CRI 80.
    Signify will also unveil the new Ledalite SyncLine luminaire. This fixture offers a broad choice of optical distributions for high quality light and energy efficiency at a more accessible price than ever. It features our new BioUp technology, which takes AccuRender to the next level, enhancing the LED spectrum with cyan light to produce higher melanopic light levels (42% higher than standard LED luminaires). It brings the biological benefits of natural daylight indoors by supporting your natural day to night, or circadian, rhythm.
    3. The Extraordinary Potential of IoT Lighting
    New York Skyline at Night
    Signify’s Interact system enables you to tap into the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). A wireless solution with sensors integrated into luminaires, Interact can make your smart building journey easy and cost-effective.

    At LEDucation, you can experience the Interact system on the show floor with SyncLine or the TruGroove family from Ledalite, as well as OptiForm by Gardco.


    Equipped with an Interact sensor, these luminaires unleash benefits far beyond simple on/off illumination. For example, you can leverage occupancy & daylight sensing technology to enhance occupant’s comfort levels while reducing energy costs.

    4. A Commitment to Sustainability
    BA series Edeka_Spandau_2 ORIGINAL (europe)

    Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Signify. It starts with our design process. Our energy efficient lighting products, systems and services are carefully crafted to help us support a better future for our planet.


    Our 3D printing portfolio from Lightolier, for instance, is designed to support the circular economy. These luminaires are made of recyclable polycarbonate, so they can be re-used at the end of their lifetime. And compared to traditional mold and cast production methods, 3D printing requires far less energy and material – reducing the carbon footprint up to 75%. We’ll showcase a variety of 3D printed luminaire styles, including new pendants made from recycled fishing nets.

    We’re also enabling customers to advance their positive climate impact. For instance, our Color Kinetics portfolio of colorful, dynamic architectural lighting is raising energy efficiency to new heights. These solutions offer long lifespans, with some Color Kinetics installations still shining beautifully after more than 15 years, helping to create less waste, and when connected, can unlock deeper energy savings and benefits beyond illumination, read more about their goals on the Color Kinetics sustainability page.


    We Hope to See You There!


    There’s a lot happening at LEDucation this year. Our Signify representatives look forward to meeting you and sharing more about these exciting innovations.


    You can find us at:

    • Booth 3002 – Advance
    • Booth 412 – Gardco
    • Booth 416 – Lightolier
    • Booth 6216 – Bodine
    • Booth 414 – Ledalite
    • Booth 321 – Color Kinetics
    We also invite you to dive deeper into the latest trends transforming our industry. Our team will be leading two virtual presentations on March 6: “How Lighting for Circularity Delivers Economic, Environmental and Social Value” and “Melanopic Lighting: What Specifiers Need to Know”.
    If you haven’t registered for LEDucation yet, click here to sign up.


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