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    Boundless possibilities, 
    exceptional results

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    Gardco GeoForm           wall sconces

    GeoForm offers six distinct luminaire shapes to pair with buildings large and small, modern or traditional. Designed around the latest in LED technology, these sconces are small in scale, featuring a minimalistic daytime aesthetic. At night, GeoForm sconces combine best-in-class pathway lighting with specialized optics to highlight any façade.

    Wall sconce, transformed


    • Three shapes in two sizes for any application​
    • Modern geometric designs
    • Two light engines suitable for any task​
    • Best in class efficacy with up to 178 LPW
    • Light weight for ease of installation
    • Superior optical uniformity

    Two distinct light engines meet        every need


    GeoForm gives you a new set of tools to work with. With two optic choices, you can highlight building features or provide best-in-class pathway illumination. The choice is yours – and you no longer need different luminaires.