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    Signify’s Digital Tools Unlock Energy Code Compliant Illumination

    24 April, 2023

    US energy codes are changing. In a previous blog post, Kelly Seeger, Americas Standards and Policy Director for Signify, discussed the US model code revisions that will be rolled out in 2023.


    Now, more than ever, business owners and facility managers need to ensure they stay code compliant. Otherwise, they run the risk of repercussions, like fines. Our digital tools can help you find the right code compliant LED lighting for your next project – and even maximize your cost savings!


    In this blog, we break down the tools that Signify offers to help business owners learn how to upgrade their lighting to code compliant products.

    Selecting an LED Lighting Solution


    We get it. There are thousands of lighting products to choose from! Adding on factors like the General Service Lamps (GSL) ban, it becomes even more difficult to know what will or won’t be code-compliant and cost effective. Here are a few tools to help:

    1. Conventional to LED Lamps Cross Reference Tool

    Did you know that approximately 66% of commercial buildings do not use LED lamps in their workspaces? Switching from conventional to LED lamps can keep you up to code with new energy regulations, while also saving you money on your energy bills. We’ve built the LED Lamp Cross Reference Tool to make it easier to find the LED equivalent of the conventional product(s) you’re looking to replace.
    Philips Adjustable Color Temperature Plug-in LED (UL Type-B) replacement lamp
    2. Instruct Tool  

    Lighting controls have been proven to save significant energy for commercial buildings. According to the Design Lighting Consortium (DLC), luminaire-level networked lighting controls (also known as a connected lighting system) can save 28% more energy than standard lighting controls. Our Instruct tool removes the complexity of designing and configuring these systems by simplifying the workflow experience. You can visualize sensor and wireless coverage patterns and easily generate a qualified bill of material. Customers can simply log into their MyLighting account, navigate to Specification Software, and find the Instruct Tool for their use. 
    Philips LED Glass HID Replacement lamps
    3. Utility Rebate Finder 

    With the federal government’s investment in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), and utility companies offering financial incentives for sustainable building projects, the transition to LED lighting can be cost-effective. Rebates are available for a variety of LED lighting solutions including lamps, luminaires and controls. To help you lower your initial project costs and shorten your payback period, Signify has created a Rebate Finder. There are 3,000+ utility companies across the US – about 77% of them offer commercial and industrial lighting rebate programs!
    4. Payback Calculator 

    Want to know how utility rebates can impact your return on investment (ROI)? Our Payback Calculator can show you! Visualize different analytics, from project details and utility rebates to energy savings and payback timelines, into one streamlined report. You can customize the application area or fixtures to reflect each project’s unique needs.
    Less is More with New Day-Brite Family

    We strive to empower our customers by giving them the knowledge they need to make the best decisions for their business. With the changing energy codes, our digital tools can help you make the switch to energy-efficient LED and connected lighting easily.


    In an upcoming blog post, I will also explain how you can take your lighting to the next level: implementation. Stay tuned!


    Jenna Rhodes 

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