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    Let’s Get Digital! Signify Launches New Utility Rebate Tools

    7 July, 2022

    Signify strives to help our customers meet their sustainability targets, while maximizing cost savings. Utility rebates are a great place to start – lower your initial project costs, shorten payback periods and reduce energy consumption all at once! Now, we’ve made it even easier to see what your next project qualifies for.


    Our new digital tools, the Utility Rebate Finder and Payback Calculator, offer all of the rebate information you need at your fingertips. We’re excited to better enable our sales agents in doing business, while also helping our end-user customers find the right lighting for their next project.

    Revolutionize Your Next Project with a Few Clicks


    Signify offers hundreds of products on DesignLights Consortium® and ENERGY STAR®. It can be difficult to know which solution is right for your project. With the Utility Rebate Finder, you can filter through up-to-date rebate information and product data. Simply select your product category, enter the project zip code and load your results! You’ll have access to all qualifying utility rebates within minutes. You can even download rebate reports – a game changer for your next proposal.

    rebate finder interface
    rebate finder symbol


    Want to know how utility rebates can impact your return on investment (ROI)? Our Payback Calculator Tool can show you. Visualize different analytics, from ROI, project details and energy savings to utility rebates, payback timelines and environmental impact, into one streamlined report. You can customize the application area or fixtures to reflect each projects’ unique needs. See how to use the tool below!

    pay back calculator input
    pay back calculator report
    pay back calculator report


    Signify is committed to driving the shift to energy-efficient lighting. Our latest digital rebate tools are helping us deliver. To learn more about how our energy-efficient solutions can best fit your project needs, contact us here.  


    Jenna Rhodes
    Jenna Rhodes

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