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    Signify’s Interact Industry connected lighting system delivers far more than illumination for DHL Supply Chain warehouse facility

    01 April, 2022
    Signify and DHL Supply Chain

    Signify and DHL Supply Chain have designed and implemented the smart lighting for the warehouse of the future. The companies piloted Signify’s Interact Industry connected lighting system and managed services at a DHL Supply Chain Technology Sector site, just south of downtown Columbus, Ohio.


    “Our Creekside Parkway facility was the perfect location for this installation. We have been at the site since 2000 and wanted to demonstrate how the right lighting technology could rejuvenate a legacy property,” said Dan McNutt, President, Technology, North America at DHL Supply Chain. “We also wanted to test the system’s effectiveness in reducing energy consumption and supporting employee wellbeing and productivity in line with the size of and activity level in this building. It’s a large and busy facility at 383,000 square feet and supporting 60,000 to 85,000 transactions daily.”

    Signify and DHL Supply Chain

    Signify replaced DHL’s traditional fluorescent T5 lamps with nearly 800 Day-Brite CFI FBY energy-efficient LED high-bay luminaires. Sensors embedded in the fixtures can help detect available daylight or the lack of presence or motion in an area of the facility, and automatically reduce the amount of electrical light needed, further conserving energy.

    DHL’s warehouse managers can now wirelessly control their site’s fixtures with Interact’s cloud-based software. For instance, they created 75 different groups of luminaires throughout the facility and can customize the light levels in each of these zones. They can tailor settings according to the needs of different customer programs and deliver the ideal light to support employees’ tasks across the site.


    “This pilot has quickly delivered on a number of fronts,” continued McNutt. “The building is consuming roughly 53% less energy than it did prior to the connected LED lighting system installation – exceeding our goal of saving one million kilowatt hours annually. We have also had tremendous feedback from our employees on having lighting that is tailored to their work environment.”

    Signify and DHL Supply Chain

    Signify supports DHL operations at the Creekside facility with managed services. Signify remotely monitors and maintains the connected lighting based on real-time performance data and alerts, and can automatically deploy firmware and software updates.


    “This collaboration is a fantastic blueprint for companies looking to push the envelope when it comes to advanced logistics. Interact provides a platform for innovation, so you can future-ready your business and reach your sustainability goals,” said Martin Stephenson, Head of North American Systems & Services at Signify. “We are excited to continue to work with DHL and help it continue to realize the benefits of connected lighting technology across its other sites.”


    Click here or play the below video to learn more about the Signify and DHL collaboration.


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    John Bouls

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