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    A ribbon of light unfurls in L.A.

    06 Septemper, 2021
    Sixth Street Viaduct

    A long-time famous backdrop in films, TV shows, music videos, and more, the newly rebuilt Sixth Street Viaduct now connects communities – with light.


    The bridge has linked the Arts District on the west side of the Los Angeles River to the historic neighborhood of Boyle Heights on the east side since it’s construction in 1932. But when the bridge was deemed seismically unsound, the Bureau of Engineering, in together with the City's Bureau of Contract Administration, led a project to replace the original structure in the largest bridge project in Los Angeles’ history.


    The lighting design for the new structure created a colorful ribbon of light that highlights its 10 pairs of magnificent arches and provides a distinctive canvas on which to celebrate a variety of special occasions. The project also includes a unique solution that provides roadway lighting without using conventional street light poles.

    A comprehensive Color Kinetics lighting solution was selected for this project after extensive and rigorous testing. Color Kinetics ColorReach Powercore gen2, RGBW fixtures are located on the bridge deck at the base of each arch and direct light up from both ends of the arches to create a colorful and dramatic effect. ColorReach Compact Powercore, RGBW fixtures illuminate the arches as they continue below the bridge deck to the ground. Depending on where the arch ends, the luminaires are either mounted on retractable arms beneath the bridge deck or in the ground, pointing up at the bridge arches

    In a truly innovative street lighting application, Color Kinetics eW Graze QLX, 1219 mm (4 ft) luminaires with louvers graze the roadway brightly from the curbs, without conventional street lighting mounted on poles. Shorter versions of the same luminaire 610 mm (2 ft) illuminate the sidewalks. Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro (48 pcs) supplies power and data to the system, which is controlled with Pharos LPC2.


    Completed July 2022, the new bridge, known as ‘The Ribbon of Light,’ has truly transformed the urban landscape and become a landmark that defines Los Angeles.


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