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    In a new reality, a positive store experience will matter more than ever

    April 2, 2020
    In store lighting

    ‘Work is theatre and every business a stage’

    (quote by Joe Pine & James Gilmore)

    In theatres, lighting is an integral part of the show. Whether it’s in stage plays, in dance events, operas, or the catwalks of high-end fashion designers. Lighting follows the script, the setlist, the storyline and sets the mood with ambient and accent lighting. Without the proper lighting – a crucial element – the entire show could fall apart. What if we could add a bit of theatre to your store? After all, we live in an experience economy. On top of that, fashion is a form of self-expression, you are your own stage, so to speak. Once we perceive the store that way, we could say that lighting is an integral part of it.

    Additionally, lighting can be part of an architectural concept too. With OneSpace the ceiling becomes the light, and the light becomes the ceiling. The homogeneous white light brings the skylight feeling inside. It can be inviting by visually extending the sky into the entrance and it can draw more attention to product displays. Due to its visual impact, it provides an elegant and ideal element for routing and zoning. In fitting rooms, it provides comfortable, soft and natural lighting. Matched to the occasion. As mentioned before, lighting in theatres follows a script, a setlist or storyline. One could say that it’s not much different with OneSpace, which is tunable to the time of day, a specific mood or a different season. Simply by pressing a button. In this way, it creates an ambience that becomes an integral and essential part of the shopping experience.

    Soft cells
    To enhance that experience, Luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells brings walls to life. Luminous textile is an ambient lighting solution with dynamic video content. Whereas LCD screens tend to ‘shout’, Luminous textile rather ‘whispers’. The dynamic video content can easily be uploaded and controlled. Clouds, birds in the sky, the wind going through a field of sunflowers, people dancing, or just different colors blending into one another. It can be gentle, calming or dynamic. You name it, it’s possible. By using a digital projector, you can add high resolution content as an overlay for brand logos, messages or promotions, which contributes to store personality, brand identity and the overall experience. As with OneSpace: elegance and gentleness in combination with a strong visual effect.
    Mannequin lighting
    To get people talking about a stage play in a theatre you need to entertain, indulge and connect with them at every touchpoint. It could be said that the same applies for fashion retail. Nowadays, competing on price and product isn’t enough anymore. 70% of the millennials would rather open their wallet based on experiences than just on material items. Once the products are surrounded with ambiance and a bit of theatre, the attributed value could become a memorable experience. As memorable as a great stage play. With the proper lighting, your store becomes a stage, with your shopper at the centre of the play. Just as it should be.
    Ceiling soft cell


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