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    Three Lighting Innovations Signify Showcased at the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo (CSIE)

    June 25, 2023

    Thank you for joining us at the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo (CSIE) at the Miami Beach Convention Center on June 6-7, 2023! We showcased UV-C disinfection lighting, Color Kinetics dynamic white and colored lighting solutions and Interact connected lighting system to safeguard operations, enhance the passenger experience and optimize your energy use, respectively.

    Read on for a glimpse of what we showcased at CSIE:


    UV-C Disinfection Lighting Delivers an Extra Layer of Protection

    Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of your passengers and crew is a top priority. UV-C disinfection lighting can help supplement your disinfection strategy, especially if options for ventilation and filtration are limited. For example, an upper air UV-C system can be installed on lower decks or in hospitality spaces, where there are higher levels of footfall, such as dining rooms, spas, theaters and gyms. You can even add these fixtures in guest and staff cabins to help avoid circulating undisinfected air throughout the ship. These solutions can be used when people are present and without interrupting regular operations and activities; they are installed high up on walls, close to the ceiling, and come with shielding and optics, preventing exposure to the light source.

    You can also give your crew greater confidence in your disinfection measures by cleaning commonly shared objects with a simple press of a button. For small objects like phones, walkie-talkies and keyboards, UV-C light can be applied through an enclosed chamber. The chamber is equipped with additional safety measures, such as door sensors and magnetic locks, to prevent it from being accidentally opened during the disinfection process.

    UV-C Hallway

    Dynamic White and Colored Light to Inspire Excitement

    Our Color Kinetics portfolio offers millions of white and colors of light, so you can create a memorable experience for your passengers. Welcome your guests as they arrive with subtle white or program the lighting to dazzle your passengers with color in entertainment and other multi-purpose spaces. Color Kinetics can help set the right mood for any space on your ship.


    Take the Color Kinetics PureStyle Compact Powercore luminaires, for instance. They offer cruise operators high-quality, high output illumination in a compact, easily concealed design, perfect for a wide range of interior applications from cove and wall-washing to backlighting.

    Color Kinetics White and Colored Lights

    Smart Lighting for Smarter Operations and Energy Savings


    Our Interact connected lighting system can help cruise operators take control of their lighting to save energy and meet the sustainability imperative.  It can be integrated with your existing Property Management System (PMS) to share data commands on a common network.

    For instance, Interact can use reservation data to understand the context of a cabin. As passengers embark, operators can program cabins to automatically increase light levels, pre-cool or heat up, open window curtains and turn on a welcome television screen to greet them.

    During their voyage, passengers have full control of their room settings and can adjust their cabin’s light levels and color temperatures to their unique preferences. Or even sync their lighting with the time of day to support their natural day-night, or circadian rhythm, and wellbeing.


    Once they debark, the system switches back into energy conservation mode. It adjusts the temperature down, switches off lights and closes curtains, ensuring that your ship only uses energy when and where it is needed — contributing to a savings of more than 25%!

    Interact Smart Lighting for Energy Savings

    Embracing new experiences is a big part of why passengers book cruises – and your ship’s lighting presents an opportunity to deliver this from the minute they board to set sail.

    To learn more about any of these lighting solutions, email Addy Oluyemi to schedule a free consultation.


    Addy Oluyemi
    Addy Oluyemi
    Head of Marketing for National Accounts

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