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    Montreal’s Luminothérapie celebrates its 10th anniversary with POP! a whimsical interactive luminous installation

    January 14, 2020
    POP! Luminous monoliths
    A playful and luminous installation to warm our hearts, bodies and minds is one jovial substitute for the sun this winter. 

    For the past decade, the Entertainment District in downtown Montreal, known as Place des Festivals, has made winter much more enjoyable with interactive light installations. To celebrate Luminothérapie’s 10th edition, originality and creativity
    are on show with the unexpected universe of POP! by Gentilhomme creative studio.
    POP! Creature
    Photo © Luminothérapie
    POP! is comprised of five Gumby-like creatures named POPO, POPUP, POPETTE, POPLI and POPOTIN who love to party. There are five mysterious luminous monoliths in the middle of Place des Festival, in which the five POP creatures are locked in. To free them, you will have to call them, coax them or even sing to them. With the public’s encouragement, the monoliths progressively light up and then the special creatures pop up and move to the music. They swing and sway bringing smiles and laughter to passersby and the public interacting with them. By simply gathering in front of them, the collective energy will awaken the POP family.
    Child and POP! monster
    Photo © Ulysse Lemerise OSA
    But it doesn’t stop there, once the 5 colourful POP figures are all out at the same time, this will initiate an architectural video projection on the wall of the UQAM pavilion.
    POP! Building
    Photo © Luminothérapie

    View POP! Video

    Since 2010, 306 lighting projects were submitted for the Luminothérapie’s yearly contest. 15 lighting installations and video projections were created and featured at Place des Festivals in Montreal. Over 150 artists, lighting designers and creative studios participated in these interactive lighting installations.

    Happy 10th anniversary to Montreal’s Luminothérapie!


    Monique Cousineau
    Monique Cousineau

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