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    Pushing the boundaries of architectural lighting

    June 26, 2018


    Architecture has taken on a highly stylized, modern design aesthetic that pushes boundaries. Not only are these structures taller than ever, they are no longer confined to a single geometric shape. Another unprecedented facet of this new breed of architecture is incorporating lighting into the design. So as architecture evolves, lighting designers are tasked with figuring out how to illuminate these distinctive structures, and they need luminaires to be able to stand up to that challenge.

    Architectural lighting
    ReachElite details
    Up to the challenge
    Now there is the Color Kinetics ReachElite product family, a cutting-edge exterior long-throw LED luminaire that is capable of handling structures of any shape or size. ReachElite features a native beam angle of 2.6°, and the 3000W / 4000K eW model can throw to 1fc at 3,150 ft – More than half a mile!

    No sacrifices

    ReachElite has a specialized precision optical system that not only throws light at a great distance, but does it without sacrificing light quality or the precision of the color mixing.

    ReachElite optical system

    Far more than a flood

    While the narrow native beam angle of ReachElite is perfect for showcasing specific targets at far distances, it can also function as a wall grazing or washing luminaire. ReachElite is unique in that up to three 100 W modules can be combined on a single luminaire to triple light output and punch. Not only does this provide the power of three LED lights in one, but each module can also be used in a different way—allowing a lighting designer to accent, graze, wash, or throw light with a single luminaire.


    ReachElite has a sleek and compact size that can blend into its surroundings and keep the focus on the effect of the light, instead of the luminaire. While minimizing the size of the luminaire was an important design goal, packing the most light output into that small space was just as important. The ability to use up to three 100 W modules in a single luminaire reduces the number of luminaires needed in an installation.

    ReachElite accessories

    A full line of high-quality Signify accessories—from spread lenses to rock guards—eliminating the need for third-party solutions. ReachElite is available in IntelliHue, RGBA, RGBW, Essential White, and Essential Color. When it comes to color, the five available options all offer unique qualities that can be utilized in different ways depending on the requirements of your installation. IntelliHue is perfect for dialing in precise and consistent colors across multiple luminaires, while Essential White is the definitive choice for high quality white light. With so many options, the choice is yours.


    Whether you need a flood, spot, graze, or wash, Color Kinetics ReachElite can adapt to your unique project.

    ReachElite IntelliHue Powercore


    ReachElite VIDEO:


    Eric Ziegler
    Eric Ziegler

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