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    Reimagining Los Angeles’ 2nd Street Tunnel with Light

    14 October, 2021
    Signify’s Color Kinetics and Lumec solutions have transformed this iconic city landmark for the next generation of film production and community engagement.
    Los Angeles’ 2nd Street Tunnel with Light
    Photo Credits: ©Forman & Associates

    The Terminator, Kill Bill, Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” and the Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” – what do these movies and music videos have in common? All feature Los Angeles’ (LA) 2nd Street Tunnel.


    Dubbed the most recognizable city landmark most Americans have never heard of, the tunnel has evolved beyond its original design purpose of relieving traffic congestion into a staple within the entertainment world and LA community. And it recently underwent a major lighting upgrade!


    Signify helped expand production possibilities and enhance commuter comfort with our Color Kinetics and Lumec solutions. Seeking to redesign the tunnel’s entrance, The City of LA Bureau of Street Lighting wanted to blend the city’s historical lighting with dramatic color on the west end of the tunnel.


    We teamed up with Forman & Associates to create a flexible display of light that can support any production need. It can also help boost local engagement – bringing the community together by illuminating the city’s special occasions, like sporting team victories or holidays. Our dynamic Color Kinetics exterior architectural lighting products offer uniform, high-quality white, pastel and saturated color light. Color Kinetics ColorBlast Intellihue Powercore gen4 and Color Kinetics Vaya Tube, RGB luminaires were selected for the project.

    Los Angeles’ 2nd Street Tunnel with Light
    Photo Credits: ©Forman & Associates
    In addition, we’ve helped create the optimal lighting for the city’s day-to-day traffic flow and operations. Our Lumec Tunnelview and Renaissance LED pendant illuminate the open, Figueroa side of the tunnel. Together, these fixtures give the tunnel a vintage, old time Los Angeles aesthetic, while providing outstanding coverage. The community is thrilled with the lights, making the tunnel feel safe again.


    Read more about this transformative tunnel lighting project here.

    Los Angeles’ 2nd Street Tunnel with Light
    Photo Credits: ©Forman & Associates

    Project credits


    Client: City of Los Angeles


    Lighting Design: City of Los Angeles


    Project Management and Engineering: Bureau of Street Lighting- Zouhair Shehab, Prime Hein


    Electrical Contractor: Bureau of Street Lighting


    Signify Certified System Integrator: Forman & Associates


    Color Kinetics
    Color Kinetics

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