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    Interstate 35W Bridge to celebrate the big game festivities with immersive LED light shows

    January 31, 2018


    Signify and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) will feature a series of dynamic light shows on the Interstate 35W Saint Anthony Falls Bridge in celebration of the big game activities taking place in Minneapolis on February 2-4, 2018. The recently completed upgrade to a connected LED lighting system allows the 1,907-foot bridge spanning the Mississippi River to commemorate holidays, important civic causes, and special events, such as one of the largest sporting events in the world.

    Interstate 35W Bridge to celebrate the big game festivities with immersive LED light shows

    Throughout the festivity-filled weekend, specially designed and programmed light shows will be on display to celebrate key moments around the big game such as:

    • ‘Bold North’ Lights will celebrate Minnesota as the host state of the big game. One of the very few areas of the contiguous United States where visitors can experience the Northern Lights, this lighting display will feature animated, multicolored LED lights that mimic the appearance of the natural wonder of the Aurora Borealis.
    • Animated blue and red, as well as green and silver LED lights will represent the two competing teams vying for the big win. Beginning at opposite ends of the bridge, the colors will gradually move toward the middle, until they collide, symbolizing Sunday’s big game match-up.
    • A spectacular display of red, white and blue LED lights will commemorate patriotic traditions of the championship game such as the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ and ‘America the Beautiful.’
    • A bright red display will signify that one of the teams has entered the ‘red zone’ by crossing the 20-yard line of the opposing team and is on the verge of scoring. When a team scores, the lights will change to that team’s colors.

    “The revitalization of the I-35W Bridge lighting system is a great story for the State of Minnesota,” commented John Pedersen, Lighting Operations Supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. “The light shows created by the new LED lighting system confirm the bridge as an icon in the city skyline and a source of pride for the entire region.”

    The connected LED lighting system supplied by Signify uses Color Kinetics ActiveSite System, a cloud-based connected lighting platform that provides remote monitoring, maintenance, and management capabilities to ensure operational efficiency and the ability to program the lights without being tethered to the bridge. Reporting tools and historical analysis also provide unprecedented insight into system operations, which authorized system managers from the MnDOT can use to evaluate and optimize performance.


    The connected lighting system will also include more than 650 Color Kinetics outdoor architectural lighting fixtures, including the ColorGraze MX4 PowercoreColorBlast Powercore gen4, and ColorReach Powercore gen2. These fixtures have been specially designed to meet the extreme vibration, temperature and corrosive environment conditions that the bridge is exposed to. The connected luminaires offer an expanded palette with millions of intensely saturated colors or finely tuned pastels and hues in a variety of beam angles in order to accentuate the design and multiple facets of the bridge. These capabilities also allow the LED lights to produce hundreds of possible configurations and light distribution patterns to create static displays or dynamic color shows that can be used to capture the imagination of local residents and inspire millions of visitors.

    “LED lighting is having a transformative effect on cities that reaches far beyond the purpose of simply providing light. Public lighting installations like the I-35 Bridge can also contribute to the socioeconomic prosperity of a region, its local businesses and its citizens,” said Roger Karner, head of Market US at Signify. “The light shows planned around the big game represent a unique opportunity for Minnesota to help capture the imagination of more than 100,000,000 people from around the world.”

    To learn more on how public lighting can enhance a city or to receive the I-35 W Bridge case study:

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