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    Hello Signify! Celebrating a historic week

    May 18, 2018


    What a week! History was made on Wednesday May 16 when Philips Lighting became Signify.


    Signify – The meaning of light

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    Here are a few photos of some of the festivities across the US as celebrations were organized to mark this important moment in time.


    Signify headquarters for the Americas, in Somerset, New Jersey

    Signify headquarters Somerset, New Jersey

    Littlestown, Pennsylvania

    Signify Littlestown, Pennsylvania

    Andover, Massachusetts

    Signify Andover, Massachusetts

    Dallas, Texas

    Signify Dallas, Texas

    San Marcos, Texas

    Signify San Marcos, Texas

    El Paso, Texas

    Signify, El Paso, Texas

    Salina, Kansas

    Signify Salina, Kansas

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Signify Phoenix, Arizona


    Monique Cousineau
    Monique Cousineau

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