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    New OneSpace gen2: Faster, easier installation and maintenance. Always beautiful.

    March 25, 2021
    OneSpace gen2 panel
    When you’re looking to transform a ceiling of any size into a seamless, cohesive space, you turn to Color Kinetics OneSpace lighting panels. Now, significantly easier to transport and install, the new OneSpace gen2 offers greatly reduced lead times and cost than ever before. 
    An innovative modular system, OneSpace gen2 arrives with all the building blocks you need for simple on-site assembly, installation, and maintenance, including the light engine, controller, frames, and fabric. Sizes range from 3 x 3 ft (924 x 924 mm) to 7.95 x 32.56 ft (2,424 x 9,924 mm), in increments of 11.8 in (300 mm).

    OneSpace gen2 enables a clearer view of objects with bright, glare-free light that eliminates shadows and enhances the design of any interior. Providing daylight illumination, it delivers a CRI >90 and color consistency within 2SDCM. OneSpace gen2 integrates LED lights with high-quality textile that completely hides the source of light and allows for a continuous, unbroken appearance across multiple panels.

    OneSpace gen2 panels can be seamlessly integrated with Interact or third-party controls. Available in a range of standard sizes, Solid or Tunable White light, OneSpace gen2 provides you with the ultimate design flexibility by integrating discreetly within ceiling architecture and building management systems.

    Lighting a retail store to attract and differentiate
    OneSpace gen2 in store

    OneSpace gen2 applied in longer stretches creates a ‘runway’ experience and delivers maximum impact. It attracts attention and raises light levels, while adding an elegant visual skylight effect to engage customers. Easy transport, faster lead time, and simple installation, enables quick roll-out across stores worldwide for a consistent brand message and unique shopping experience. (Photo credits: Wenneker, Amsterdam)

    Displaying cars in a new light

    OneSpace gen2 in car dealership

    Placed end-to-end, OneSpace gen2 offers consistent lighting with no shadows so the angles and concepts of the cars can be seen clearly. A control system allows for a swift shift from warm to cold and can be dimmed to any color temperature (ranging from 2700 K to 6500 K), providing the capability to adjust to daylight and present cars under different weather scenarios.

    Lighting an office space for all-day focus

    OneSpace gen2 in car dealership
    Light scenes can be created to stimulate the circadian rythm and increase well-being. Situated above office workstations, OneSpace gen2 helps employees feel energized, stay focused, and alert. The diffused lighting experience at 6500K at a lux level of 473 has benefits related to the biological clock. This number is well above the WELL recommendation for vertical melanopic illuminance at ~200 lux (v1) during the day. (Photo credits: Signify Design)


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    Julie Reece

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