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    The science of poultry lighting for broiler growers

    December 3, 2020
    Farmers having a conversation by poultry lighting
    At ONCE we understand that modern poultry production has evolved into a science and that it can be difficult to achieve optimal results on a regular basis. Here’s how we help broiler growers maintain consistent success.

    The light we see affects our mind and a wide variety of metabolic processes within our body. Eyes are undeniably one of our most important organs. It is where light penetrates the retina and stimulates multiple biological functions. The same is true in animals, including poultry, but with one significant difference. The spectral sensitivity and visible spectrum of poultry, or what they actually see, is not the same as humans. It is why chickens may behave differently under the same intensity light from two different sources that look identical to us.


    Learn more about how animals see differently.


    The importance of light for broilers


    The fact is that birds can perceive light in different, non-pictorial ways. This makes selection of the light source even more important.

    • Light facilitates sight which is a necessity for food search
    • Light entrains the circadian cycle
    • Light initiates and regulates the release of multiple hormones which are essential in metabolic regulation, reproduction, and bone formation


    Broiler-specific lighting

    Chickens by poultry lighting

    Based on photobiology and backed up by scientific research, the three key aspects of lighting needed to experience success when raising broilers indoors are:

    1. Spectrum
    2. Intensity
    3. Photoperiod


    When applied properly, lighting can greatly improve performance and therefore profitability.


    Enhance animal welfare


    By providing a natural sunrise and sunset simulation, our lighting systems eliminate extreme changes in light, eliminating multiple stress inputs and lowering mortality rates, while improving immune response. This is supported by blood assays for short- and long-term stress indicators, as well as behavioral stress tests.


    Improve feed conversion rates


    Research shows that broilers raised under green light consume less feed per pound than those grown under traditional, blue-enriched white LED systems. With a .028% increase in feed conversion, it will not take long for you to experience a ROI.


    Increase bird weight


    A recent USDA study found that broilers raised under ONCE® lighting systems outperformed when compared to other LED lamps. The broilers tested under our system showed a 3-5% increase in body weight.


    Maintain consistent success when raising broiler chickens


    It is important to learn about light sources, color, intensity, and schedules when selecting a lighting system for your broilers. With our scientific approach to photobiology, along with our systems’ rugged and durable design, we offer an optimal solution that addresses your flocks’ needs.


    When supplied with the right tools you’ll experience more consistent success, and have birds that are less prone to flight, notably less aggressive and consequently put more feed energy into just growing.



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