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    Low Bays that Set a Higher Standard

    June 15, 2021
    3D LowBay Supermarket
    Signify introduces first 3D printed fixture with built-in light engine, while supporting a circular economy.
    3D Printing by Signify continues to transform the indoor, decorative lighting market while contributing to a circular economy. We are proud to introduce the 3D Printed Low Bay, BA L Series and give you additional options to tailor your luminaires to suit your project needs.


    The 3D Printed Low Bay is a first-of-its-kind solution that can fulfill just about any application, from retail and hospitality to office spaces. It is an integrated solution with a built-in LED light engine, so you can maximize energy efficiency, as well as utilize lighting control systems, which include our Interact products.


    As the first lighting manufacturer to produce 3D printed luminaires on an industrial scale, we continue to innovate and deliver new products that are tailored just for you. Here are four reasons why this product series sets a higher standard.

    3D LowBay Options Renders

    1. Customizable Decorative Styles


    Need a Low Bay in a certain color and/or texture? We have you covered. The outer shade can be printed in 18 different colors and six textures. You can also select whether you want an opaque, metallic or translucent finish. The inner part of the shade can be customized, too. Choose from seven different colors and three unique, detailed inner reflector designs to achieve your creative vision. Try out our Online Configurator to create your own design.


    Signify’s Design Team is also here to help you bring your ideas into a 3D printed reality, with Bespoke Design Services.

    3D LowBay Auto Store

    2. Lighting Output Options


    The integrated LED light engine can be customized as well. Choose from 1000 to 7500 lumens, with color temperatures between 2700K to 4000K, and 90 CRI. The light engine is also available with 0-10 volt dimming, making it the perfect lighting solution to create any interior mood or complement your aesthetic.

    3D LowBay Inner Reflectors

    3. Installation Flexibility


    No ceilings? No problem. It is easy to install our 3D Printed Low Bay. The housing’s light weight and range of lumens allows for it to be mounted at a variety of heights, making it a flexible option for any type of space. Mix and match your luminaires to create your own signature style, along with our other product series, designed to create a cohesive appearance in your space.

    3D LowBay Flower Shop

    4. Commitment to Sustainability


    We produce our 3D printed luminaires in a way that minimizes waste: by eliminating traditional mold and cast tools. But we did not stop there. In compliance with the Buy American Act, our US-based 3D Printing Factory, located in Littlestown, Pennsylvania, prints and distributes all 3D printed luminaires domestically. This cuts out overseas production and shipping, effectively reducing our carbon emissions.

    3D LowBay Options Actual
    No matter how high your lighting standards, the 3D Printed Low Bay will meet and exceed them. To learn more, contact your local Signify sales representative, and configure your own luminaire on our website,


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    Samuel Dellicker
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