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    Signify’s tunnel lighting solutions deliver on progress

    February 2, 2021
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    Well-designed tunnel and underpass lighting is vital to enhance driver safety and prevent sudden changes in light intensity that adversely affect vision. Also, paramount is choosing installer-friendly solutions that can lower maintenance costs and minimize traffic disruptions, as well as provide quality illumination. Signify has created quality solutions with Lumec TunnelView and TubeLine.
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    Launched in 2019, both TunnelView and TubeLine offer maximum flexibility for your tunnel lighting projects. This is accomplished by offering multiple sizes, mounting options, and lumen packages - as well as a complete array of optical distributions and connectivity options – all tailored specifically for tunnel and underpass applications. Both products are also backed by Service Tag, which allows for quick registration, access to luminaire configuration, and spare parts identification for the life of the product.

    Additionally, Signify has added an optional junction box as the quintessential project solution for both product families! Adding this option allows you to have a pre-installed box ready for your contractor, thereby reducing installation time and increasing project simplicity. This junction box is attached at the factory (in matching finish) to guarantee a seamless look and is also available for multiple luminaire sizes.

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    Signify’s progress and innovation in tunnel lighting is getting industry recognition as well! Signify was awarded an IES Progress Report for Lumec TunnelView specifically, based on its superior performance in several areas. To start, TunnelView is the lightest weight tunnel luminaire on the market and has the thinnest profile of its kind. TunnelView also received recognition for its 9 optical distributions, controls ready platform, and ServiceTag capabilities – all of which set this family apart from the competition.

    If you have a tunnel or underpass lighting project in your future, visit us online to learn more!


    Tim McKinney
    Tim McKinney

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