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    A new adventure in lighting design continues: ModiFly by Ledalite introduces the wall mount version

    November 21, 2019
    In the spring, Ledalite introduced ModiFly suspended luminaires, the latest must-have for every lighting designers’ toolkit. Exciting new metallic finishes and industry-leading articulating corners allow you to create endless layout possibilities and tailored solutions. As promised, the wall mount versions are now available.
    Slim and stunning in the same great finish options, you also now have the extraordinary choice of seamless wall-to-suspended mounting. This design spec also has the great benefit of hidden power drops as the power can come from behind the wall!

    Flexibility is also key in installation. With articulating corners, it’s easy to adjust onsite during installation. Of course you don’t need to connect the wall mounts to your suspended luminaires, but as you can see, the possibilities are exciting.


    Adding to the flexibility, lumen packages are specifiable in 125 lumen per foot increments and continuous rows are available in 1 ft increments. Ledalite also decided to give you new color temperatures when they launched the wall mount, all on 10 day QuickShip ordering!


    Also, at only 2.8 inches in depth, ModiFly wall complies with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) by protruding no more than four inches into the circulation path. So when you are looking for unique and dependable solutions for health care and wellness spaces, this fixture is a contender.


    A striking profile, high end optical performance, low glare and the backing of Interact control systems; make ModiFly the lighting action hero you have been looking for.


    When you’re up against the wall, let your creativity guide you.


    Meghan Marrer Andrew
    Meghan Marrer Andrew

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