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    Outdoor Lighting: Looking Forward with Lumec

    September 08, 2022
    Our Lumec brand has turned 50! In a previous blog post, Francois L’Ecuyer, Head of Research & Development (R&D) for Lumec, reflected on how our decorative outdoor and roadway lighting brand has evolved
    Now, hear from Jana Rostron, Public Customer Segment Manager, about how Signify continues to shape the future of outdoor lighting.
    Jana Rostron
    What excites you most about Signify’s Lumec brand?
    Our brand strength in the market. Our 50th anniversary is a celebration of our products’ quality. They have proven to stand the test of time. Many of our earliest product families, like Renaissance and Domus, remain today, and we’ve never stopped innovating to deliver sustainable, connectable lighting solutions for our customers.
    How has Lumec’s history influenced where the brand is today and where it’s going?
    Innovation and sustainability are central to our brand. With decades of technological advancements, our luminaires have raised the bar for our industry – take our Comfort Optics and ClearGuide technology. At the same time, we strive to support Signify’s Brighter Lives, Better World sustainability commitment and deliver high quality, environmentally responsible outdoor lighting solutions.
    And we’re applying these areas into our design process now more than ever before. For instance, while decorative luminaires are key to our portfolio, we’ve branched into roadway and outdoor urban lighting. Now, we can deliver an end-to-end experience for our customers, providing a cohesive design between their streetscapes and major roadways.
    In fact, we launched our RoadFocus Plus LED cobra head luminaires in June. Roadway applications present unique challenges: multiple lighting requirements, light trespass concerns, energy savings goals, asset management, diagnostics for maintenance and glare reduction. This solution is designed to help our customers overcome them.
    Featuring a unique and patented design, these minimalistic luminaires deliver high-quality, energy-efficient light output without compromising on photometric performance. They offer multiple shielding options to help eliminate light trespass and keep illumination where you want it. Not only that, these luminaires are fully connectable with our Interact system. Whether your smart city journey begins today or you’re looking to explore it in the future, Lumec products like this support your goals.
    Led lumec
    What sets Lumec apart?
    Our product quality, ease of doing business and talented experts behind the products. From the paint process to manufacturing, our high-performance solutions blend functionality with aesthetics to deliver a unique outdoor lighting experience. We also recognize the complexity of the outdoor luminaire market. With a variety of differentiators, from poles to brackets and luminaires, it can be difficult to know what solutions will work best for your environment. We’ve removed the guesswork for our customers with the Signify 3D Configurator Tool. With a couple clicks on your computer or mobile device, you can get everything you need: visualize luminaires in your space, access engineering drawings and download spec sheets. We’ve enhanced the digital experience to help our customers understand and immerse yourself within our products.
    What does the future look like for Lumec?
    It’s customizable and connected. Pairing Lumec with Interact is exactly what our customers need to future-ready their cities. Connected lighting takes illumination beyond the pole, the arm and the luminaire, and transforms it into intelligence that can help a city or municipality save energy and costs and improve safety and security for drivers and pedestrians.
    We’ll also continue to put the power of personalization in our customers’ hands. From customized fixture design to unique pole styles, what you imagine, we can create. 
    Learn more about our Lumec brand and outdoor urban, roadway and tunnel lighting solutions here.


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