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    Ledalite celebrates 40 years of innovative indoor lighting

    October 18, 2022
    Lumec 50th anniversary

    It’s a milestone year for Ledalite! Signify is excited to celebrate our indoor architectural lighting brand’s 40th anniversary.


    Let’s look back on four decades of history and innovation, and how Ledalite has helped specifiers bring buildings to life with light.

    The Evolution of Signify’s Innovative Indoor Architectural Lighting Brand
    In April 1982, in a 1,500-square foot garage in Richmond, British Columbia (BC), Ledalite was founded. The mission was simple: create a high performance, innovative indoor architectural lighting brand focused on optical performance, quality of light and visual comfort.
    The name, Ledalite, is derived from the founders’ ethos of creating a Luminous Environmental Design Approach (LEDA), a philosophy all about understanding how people design solutions that keep spaces feeling bright and natural.
    In 1999, Ledalite joined the Genlyte group, which was acquired by Signify (Philips Lighting at the time) in 2008, and by 2000, it moved to a 150,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Langley, BC, which it has called home ever since.
    Two Ground-Breaking Lighting Technologies
    Research & Development (R&D) are at the core of Ledalite’s innovations. Take MesoOptics, for example. Like many scientific breakthroughs, it was inspired by nature. Butterfly wings consist of three-dimensional crystal nanostructures, which selectively curve and scatter light. MesoOptics uses holographic technology to replicate this effect. Combined with intelligent luminaire design, it creates an optimal batwing light distribution. And with controlled brightness, it simultaneously reduces glare to deliver greater work plane uniformity. This not only improves visual comfort but provides the ability to lower footcandle levels, reducing energy consumption.
    Another ground-breaking technology is AccuRender, which can be found throughout the Ledalite indoor architectural lighting product portfolio. AccuRender provides 90CRI R9>50 illumination without sacrificing the efficacy usually associated with CRI 80 products, all while saving up to 25% more energy. We offer a range of design options for recessed, wall, linear and configurable shapes. With careful spectral engineering (and a little bit of color science magic), you can have it all.
    A Timeline of Lighting Innovation
    LED blog post 3
    Our Ledalite luminaires embody innovation and are designed to enhance life with light. Here’s a snapshot of how we’ve continued to innovate throughout the years, to allow specifiers to create a unique vision for indoor building environments:
    • 1990s – Ledalite was the first lighting brand in North America to introduce the T5 fixtures. The first luminaire was named the Minuet.
    • 2001 – PureFX was the first, fluorescent recessed luminaire to use the revolutionary MesoOptics technology. PureFX received a LightFair Innovation award that year.
    • 2011 –  Jump, Ledalite’s first LED suspended linear lighting solution, received a Red Dot Design Award for its luminous design elements, patented optics and integrated, state-of-the-art controls.
    • 2012 – ArcForm was the first recessed product with MesoOptic technology and 3D batwing and, in turn, was selected in the 2012 IES Progress Report.


    • 2013 – BoldPlay combined MesoOptics and innovative LED Light Guide technology to provide exceptional control, uniformity and an ideal direct/indirect distribution. It received a Best New Product of the Year at the LIGHTFAIR Innovation Awards.
    • 2018/2019 – EyeLine has horizontally ultra-thin linear light panels, which make it appear weightless and organic, so it becomes a natural design element of the built environment. It has received many accolades including an IF Design Award, a TED Best of the Best and a Red Dot Design Award.
    • 2020 – The ModiFly luminaire, allowing lighting designers to create patterns with on-site articulating joints, was the recipient of the 2020 Good Design Award from The Chicago Athenaeum.
    • 2021 – TruGroove Suspended Micro (TGSM), which offers quad optic louvres for numerous lighting distribution, is a seamless 1.75" ribbon of light with exceptional performance and versatility for functional and decorative applications. This new product is part of the iconic TruGroove family and features integrated sensors, making it easily upgradable to a connected lighting solution
    • 2021 – NatureConnect brings the benefits of natural light indoors. Built on biophilic design principles, NatureConnect combines various LED luminaires with lighting controls to mimic the natural patterns of daylight to create comfortable, engaging and attractive indoor environments. It too has received accolades such as an IF Design Award, a Red Dot Design Award and a Lightfair Innovation Award.


    Nature connect awards
    We create new Ledalite products with innovation, ergonomics and sustainability in mind, as well as listen to the needs of specifiers and maintain a close relationship with the lighting design community to set ourselves apart. Coupled with our broad selection of high-quality, customizable luminaires, the Ledalite brand delivers a unique indoor lighting experience. We couldn’t be prouder to celebrate this exciting 40th anniversary milestone!! 


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