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    IoT Industry Recognizes Philips Lighting for Helping Consumers Light Their Homes Smarter with Philips Hue in 2017

    January 4, 2018


    Wake up gently with a sunrise every day. Get colorful sports updates. Have it look like you’re home, even when you’re not. It’s never been easier for consumers to discover what light can do, courtesy of Philips Hue. These are some of the reasons why our smart lighting system for the home has been recognized for the second consecutive year in the IoT Breakthrough Awards program.

    IoT Breakthrough Award
    VIDEO: Light your home smarter

    With LED lighting connected to smart controls, networks, devices and apps – or the “Internet of Things” (“IoT”), it is now possible to unlock amazing lighting opportunities: from simple solutions that ease our everyday routines, to immersive entertainment experiences that make our home a fun place to spend time with family and friends.


    “We are thrilled to name Signify the “Connected Home Lighting Company of the Year” once again. Signify is a true pioneer and global leader in smart lighting, and has contributed significantly to the smart home industry,” said James Johnson, managing director, IoT Breakthrough. “We continue to be impressed with the expansion of the Philips Hue family, feature innovation to enhance consumers’ homes and lives with light, and collaboration with other brands, from Amazon to the Golden State Warriors.”

    Philips Hue app
    In 2017, the company kicked off its mission to light homes smarter, and made significant strides to ensure that consumers can enjoy the richest lighting experiences and live their best lives. As this exciting journey continues, Philips Hue will continue to help you do so much more with light, whether you are just getting started with smart lighting, want to expand Hue throughout your home, or pair it with other devices or services to bring your smart home to life.


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