See well-being

    in a new light  

    Transform your lighting into a well-being solution with

    Signify Lighting for Well-being — a portfolio of lighting solutions designed to help people

    see well, feel well, and perform well.


    With the ability to dim, adapt and control lighting, you can design stunning multipurpose

     spaces that boost well-being and performance while being cost

     effective. So, whether you want to match lighting to certain tasks, mimic the 

    natural sequence of daylight, disinfect surfaces, or even offer tailored solutions. 

    Signify Lighting for Well-being brings you human-centric lighting at its finest. 

    Interested to see how your building could benefit?

    The pandemic changed the workplace for good.


    It’s time for healthy multipurpose spaces that promote well-being and protect the environment.

    What is Lighting

    for Well-being

    Lighting helps us visually to see well, physically to

    perform well and emotionally to feel well. That means

    light isn’t just for seeing, but something we actively

    feel through our circadian rhythm, the quality of our

    sleep, our hormones, our cognitive performance and

    our memory. So, with the right lighting we not only

    see well, we also feel well and perform well.


    That’s where Signify Lighting for Well-being leads the

    way, with human-centric lighting that can be

    personalized to support your employees’ needs.

    Ready to light the way to better well-being?

    Build Well

    With Signify Lighting for Well-being, you can build a space that supports today’s demand for adaptable, multi-purpose workspaces with ‘standout’ commercial appeal. Not only do our lighting solutions support well-being, but they also contribute to a sustainable built environment by delivering energy savings through optimized lighting performance. All while gaining points towards healthy building certification programs. And with our UV-C disinfection systems you can support the well-being of all building occupants.
    plan well

    See Well

    Personalize the workplace lighting to support individual eyesight or tasks with luminaires that provide comfortable illumination and support prolonged vision during the day. 
    feel well

    Feel Well

    Create nature-inspired lighting to boost mood with lights that mimic the natural patterns of daylight. Reassure occupants with UV-C disinfection lighting that disinfect air and surfaces
    feel well

    Perform Well

    Help everyone thrive at work with the right light at the right time during the day to increase daytime alertness, facilitate concentration and evoke engagement.

    The solutions that make well-being happen

    Whether you choose one or the whole suite, here are the incredible

    technologies that power Lighting for Well-being.

    plan well
    Bring the benefits of natural light indoors, with NatureConnect by Signify. By combining unique lighting elements, NatureConnect creates high melanopic light levels that boost occupant well-being and performance.
    Signify’s Interact portfolio nurtures well-being with everything from personalized lighting to environmental monitoring, using connected lighting software applications that leverage the true power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

    Tunable White and BioUp

      Now you can tweak the intensity, color temperature and spectrum of your light to suit the time of day and support well-being, thanks to Tunable White and BioUp luminaires.

    UV-C disinfection lighting

    Philips UV-C technology disinfects air and surfaces against viruses and pathogens. Rely on 35 years of UV-C experience to protect your building during design, project management, regular audits or maintenance.

    Lighting for Well-being with Interact Pro Tunable White for installers


    The Interact Pro system makes it easier than ever for installers to install and enjoy all the benefits or wireless smart lighting solutions. From simple solutions that can be setup by just installing smart luminaires and connecting them with the intuitive Interact Pro app trough a Bluetooth connection to more complex setups with cloud access through a gateway – everything is possible. No additional wiring or complex setups are required.

    Case studies

    • BNP Paribas office

      BNP Paribas office

      BNP Paribas improved the working environment of his employees by bringing natural light indoors with the NatureConnect lighting innovation.

    • Skanska office

      Skanska office

      Skanska improved the office experience for their employees by bringing natural light indoors with NatureConnect Lighting.

    • Delivering value beyond lighting for SPIE

      Delivering value beyond lighting for SPIE

      To support SPIE’s push for a more innovative workplace, Interact was installed in their Berlin office to ensure employees feel happy, healthy, and motivated