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    Luminous textile offers a window into another world

    December 2, 2019


    What happens when you throw together a group of talented designers, a handful of LED lights and some premium textile material?

    luminous textile offers

    Headed by UX design consultant Floris Provoost, the innovative team started out by playing with combining electronics and textile, thanks to the flexibility of the materials. Inspired by the magical effect of the LED lights through the fabric, they realized that this experiment could provide an architectural solution.


    Philips luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells takes aesthetic lighting to the next level. Formed of multi-colored LEDs that sit within textile panels, they display video content of your choice. Enhanced with acoustic properties, the textile material dampens sound and softens echoes, taking the functionality further than just providing light.

    creative freedom

    Creative freedom


    From displaying relaxing nature imagery to creating the perfect mood, the panels can be easily adapted or personalized. The video content can be altered throughout the day, allowing you to adjust it whenever you feel like it.


    On top of that, you can customize the size and shape according to your space. Create a whole wall filled with luminous textile or keep it simple with just one or two. Even when they are switched off, they still look amazing; and with a range of textile weaves on offer, let’s face it – the possibilities are endless!

    dynamic effect - luminous textile

    Tell your story


    “Storytelling is the key element of the whole product,” explains Floris. Whether you are an architect looking to install some visual appeal into a client’s space, or a corporate business wanting to enhance your brand identity, soft focus video content can help you tell your story.


    Serving as a dynamic architectural element, luminous textile helps architects to create exactly the kind of space their client wants. Plus, conveying a certain emotion to the end-users delivers a powerful impact.


    Previously, static lighting design left workspaces feeling dull and uninspiring. But with luminous textile, the dynamic effect promises to create a more engaging experience for the viewer. For example, you can display abstract shapes in your company color palette that gently dance across the panel, delivering the perfect backdrop for visiting clients.

    design possibilities with textile panels

    But why is luminous textile low resolution, and not sharper like a TV screen? Floris wanted viewers to fill in the gaps themselves. “Make your own story. This is the dreamy, magical part of combining the textile with technology; it allows for a more intense interaction.”


    A window into an alternate reality


    We all know that first impressions are important. In fact, studies suggest that seven seconds is all it takes to create a lasting impression in someone’s mind.

    Philips luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells can help. Thanks to the soft-focus nature of the video content, they are perfect for placing in reception areas to make a strong first impression, or for creating a relaxing environment in waiting areas.

    Or, they can be simply used to decorate and elevate your space. Floris puts it best; “The luminous textile’s diffusive light source acts like a window to a blurry world.”




    Offering from-the-box installation, setting up the luminous textile panels couldn’t be easier. All you need to bring your space to life is a wall or ceiling, one (or more!) panels, and two cables per panel.

    Luminous textile panels are delivered as an integrated solution. This means you simply mount the panel to the wall or ceiling using the included brackets or magnets to be up and running in no time.


    Once installed, use the ethernet connection to link the panels, using the content manager software to upload your video content. Plus, you can control the ambience of your interior with either the provided remote control; our DiscoverMe LTP app; or by integrating the luminous textile panel controls into your building management system.


    With our content database, you can preview and download videos for your luminous textile installation. Our standard content portfolio can be used to add decorative effects, produce natural ambiences or reinforce a brand identity.

    design possibilities with textile panels
    So, one thing is clear: luminous textile is a unique and innovative lighting solution with the power to attract, surprise, engage and inspire. Thanks to Floris and the Signify team, soft focus video content is ready to transform your space with ultimate design freedom.
    Explore endless design possibilities with luminous textile panels.


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