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    The connectivity grid of the future

    Brightsites city lighting
    Brightsite – innovative infrastructure solution for city livability and connectivity

    Take your city to the next level of connectivity


    Do you see the surging need of network densification in and around cities? Do you want to overcome this complexity by transforming existing outdoor lighting fixture into a connectivity grid? Look around you — streetlighting is everywhere. And in your outdoor lighting infrastructure you have a ready-built foundation for city-wide connectivity. Think of your streetlights as nodes on a network. Until now, connecting them to smart pole fixtures was possible but time consuming; you needed to dig up the road and lay costly fiber. But those days are over.

    BrightSites by Signify is an end-to-end, wireless, and scalable solution that's both affordable and sustainable. Say goodbye to disrupting your city scape and accelerate the digital transformation.
    The future has arrived.

    Smart Poles

    Our smart poles are an industry leading all-in-one concealment solution providing broadband connectivity, a 4G/5G and Wi-Fi infrastructure, as well as a platform for number of IoT applications. And all this, while maintaining the aesthetics of the urban environment.


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    Creating a Brighter America

    LED and Smart Lighting has a critical role to play in modernizing and rebuilding America’s outdated infrastructure, which is why Signify is pledging to Brighten America by collaborating with you to leverage the unprecedented access to funding made available by the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Learn more today!


    • LED lighting for roads and streets

      LED lighting for roads and streets

      Creating energy savings from LED and connected lighting, the Signify Brighten America plan can help achieve sustainability and connectivity targets.

    • LED lighting for government buildings

      LED lighting for government buildings

      Signify energy-efficient LED and connected lighting is a quick win for a sustainable building renovation utilizing infrastructure investment funds

    • Bright ideas in Education

      Bright ideas in Education

      Educational establishments fulfill a unique role in society as places of learning, belonging, and community cohesion.

    • Broadband equity

      Broadband equity

      Broadband access is critically important for equal opportunity in the workplace, the educational system, and people's day-to-day lives.

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