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    Philips Lighting showcases retail merchandise and store design in a whole new light

    March 8, 2017

    Lighting specifiers create more visually appealing spaces designed to improve the shopping experience using Philips Lightolier OmniSpot LED Track luminaires


    Somerset, New Jersey – Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, today extended its more than five decade legacy of track lighting innovations with the introduction of the Philips Lightolier OmniSpot LED Track luminaires. The newest addition to the Philips Lightolier product portfolio is designed to help retailers enhance visual appeal with its purposeful design and by drawing special attention to specific merchandise, displays, and/or spaces inside the store. Lightolier first invented track lighting in 1960 and has since expanded its install base to more than 3,500 miles of track.


    Philips Lightolier OmniSpot LED mimics the illumination performance of “gold standard” halogen technology track lights without the accompanying heat and high energy consumption that contribute to shorter lifecycles and greater energy costs. This means that light is delivered exactly where it should, without spillover or hotspots, while also taking full advantage of energy efficient LED lighting.


    Additionally, retailers and specifiers can produce personalized atmospheres that distinguish themselves from the competition and deliver a unique shopping experience using multiple field changeable optics, dimming, and diffusion films. As retailers’ store design, merchandise or needs change, Philips Ligholier OmniSpot LED can be easily adjusted and re-aimed, without requiring any specialized equipment or training.


    “Lighting is an increasingly powerful way to foster a positive shopping experience and create an immersive environment that engages shoppers and retailers alike,” said Umesh Baheti, Senior Director Product Management, Philips Lighting. “High quality track lighting in particular plays a critical role in highlighting a store’s most valuable assets - from merchandise and signage to key elements of a store’s physical design, including the track light itself.  We developed and designed the Philips Lightolier Omnispot LED with the retail customers’ needs paramount.”


    Known for its industrial design and superior optical performance, Philips Lightolier OmniSpot LED track luminaires integrate the driver into the luminaire head for sleek and discrete aesthetics while providing a high center beam candlepower (CBCP) and efficacy. The track head uses a contemporary one-arm mount to attach to the track rail, rather than other track luminaires that use a bulky, dated-looking yoke mount. Optional adaptors can also be used to attach Philips Lightolier OmniSpot LED track heads to a retailer’s existing track rails, simplifying and drastically reducing the time and resources required for installation.


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