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    Coastal Breeze

    Decorative Pendants Coastal Breeze

    The Coastal Breeze collection is made from recycled fishing nets, collected from harbours on the coast of Cornwall. This special collection empowers you to make a conscious choice without compromising on beauty.
    droplet three pendant brushes turquoise

    Droplet Three Pendant

    Brushes Turquoise S

    droplet three pendant rhombus turquoise

    Droplet Three Pendant 

    Rhombus Turquoise S

    Lamps made from recycled fishing nets


    Made from 100% recyclable materials. This special lamp is made from old fishing nets and plastic waste that is taken directly from the ocean and allows you to make a conscious choice without having to compromise on beauty. To honor the source material's purposeful origins, as well as the beautiful places it has been, these lamps feature a coastal-inspired finish that comes to life in textures and colors that bring the coast to your home. The whole process involves sorting, cleaning and recycling collected nets into 100% recycled filaments.

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    Create decorative and functional lighting that fit your brand and style.