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    BAL Series

    BAL Series Pendants

    Installation That Fits


    Unleash the power of light with the BAL Series low-bay. Our integrated fixtures with powerful LED engines use focused beams with exceptional glare control, providing ample light output in open or lower-ceiling spaces.


    Using bio-circular polycarbonate materials, the BAL Series offers a range of colors, textures, and optics, allowing you to create a signature style that’s perfect for your office, retail, or hospitality space.

    Application Imagery

    Key specifications


    • High power COB LED light engines
    • Variety of optical configurations
    • Decorative bell shape
    • Opaque or translucent materials with a variety of finish textures
    • Lumen 1000 - 7500 lm
    • Efficacy up to 120 lm/W
    • Standard CRI 90 and 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K options
    • 0-10 V dimming, compatible with Intercat Pro Scalable system using SBA System Bridge Accessory Module or RFSR10 control module
    • Lifetime L80B50@ 54,000 hours

    Schematic light drawing


    Medium beam


    Wide beam


    Very wide beam


    Inner Reflector



    Operational & certifications

    Protection Class
    IP20 / IK02
    Ambient Range
    0 to +25C
    cULus, RoHS and Declare
    5 Years

    Driver variants

    Non dimming (PSU)
    Non dimming (PSU)
    DALI dimming (PSD)
    DALI dimming (PSD)
    Dali Interact wired (DIA)
    Dali Interact wired (DIA)
    Dali Interact wireless (WIA)
    Dali Interact wireless (WIA)



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