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    Bodine - Emergency Lighting

    A new member for an already impressive product family

    July, 2022

    BSL14B2 CDF


    Bodine has added something new to a model family that already boasts an impressive 18 SKU’s with an already wide variety of mechanical and electrical configurations.  The BSL14B2 DF provides yet another way to install a product by offering the plenum rated test switch separate from the other wiring harnesses.  This allows the illuminated test switch to be mounted outside of the luminaire, up to 3 feet away from the emergency driver (or even further with the optional extension cable ).  IP65 and plenum rating means the illuminated test switch can be located almost anywhere.


    The BSL14B2 DF has a Class 2 rated output, conduit for mounting flexibility, and a separate IP65 plenum rated test switch assembly for ultimate flexibility in locating the test switch.


    *For more information, such as specifications and installation instructions, please click the link below.

    Bodine - BSL718

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