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    Implementing Energy Code-Compliant Lighting? Here are 3 Resources to Help Get Your Project Done

    June 19, 2023

    In a previous blog post, we shared different digital tools Signify offers to help you find energy code-compliant lighting solutions.


    Now, we’re breaking down different resources you can leverage to find the right installer for your project and to take advantage of financing benefits you may qualify for.

     A Man Installing Energy Code Compliant Lighting

    Implementing Your Energy Code-Compliant Lighting


    1. Small Businesses (up to 50 employees)

    If you own a small business, a lighting maintenance contractor (LMC) is the most suitable installer for your project needs. An LMC establishes the framework of an effective maintenance program with their customers; it can carry out a variety of responsibilities, such as replacing/cleaning lamps, readjusting light output, end-of-life disposal and coordinating with lighting designers. This ensures your lighting not only looks but also performs at its very best.


    The National Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO) is a great place to find a contractor for your project. LMCs that are NALMCO members are equipped with certifications that verify the quality of their services. You can find the right LMC for your project with the NALMCO Member Directory or Request for Proposal form.

    2. Medium to Large Businesses (50-300+ employees)

    Conversely, if you own a larger business (think multiple locations or a campus), an Energy Service Company (ESCO) might be a better fit. ESCOs differ from your traditional contracting firm in that they specialize in cost-effective, energy-efficient projects.


    In fact, as noted by the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO), “ESCOs have extensive design and implementation experience in integrating multiple efficiency measures, mitigating technical and performance risks, and providing a financial guarantee to project lenders that the energy savings generated will cover the debt service.” Since 1990, ESCOs have provided $75 billion in cost savings, $70 billion in projects paid from savings and saved 560 million tons of CO2. You can find the right ESCO for your project with the NAESCO Preferred Partners Page or send an email to Request for Proposal.

    Your Lighting May Even Qualify You for Financing


    Installing energy-efficient lighting solutions can give off the impression that a significant investment is required. But this is not the case! The Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) model offers financing to support energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements.

    The C-PACE Toolkit is a four-part compilation of resources that can help you navigate C-PACE financing and explore the benefits of the model. It also shares best practices and innovative approaches to establish, join or design a C-PACE program. To date, PACE-enabled legislation is active in 38 states plus the District of Columbia, and more than $2 billion in projects have been financed! Visit PACE Nation to learn more about the programs available in your state.

    Map Showing C-Pace Model Implementation

    Compliance Made Convenient


    As energy efficiency continues to be not only expected but mandated, it’s crucial that you have the resources you need to find and implement the right lighting solutions. Signify is here to help you. We invite you to get in touch with us at any time!


    In an upcoming blog post, Kelly Seeger, Standards & Regulations Professional for the Americas, will demystify commonly asked energy code questions. Stay tuned!


    Jenna Rhodes
    Jenna Rhodes
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