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    Retrofit Solutions

    with spectacular energy savings

    Philips LED HID Replacements

    Easy retrofit installation offering the light output and dependency of HID with all the benefits of LED: Energy savings, longer life, improved lumen and color maintenance, instant on and superior surge protection. 

    Powerful reasons to switch from HID to LED.

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    50 watt to 400 Watt

    replacements lamps

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    Energy savings

    up tot 75%

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    Direct LED replacement solution without replacing the fixture
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    Reliable lifetime

    up to 50.000 hours

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    Optically efficient, emits light towards usage direction

    Where should I use the LED HID Replacement solutions?

    Grand Central Station
    Post top application
    Parking lot
    Warehouses, parking lots, retail, atriums, street and urban lighting to name a few. The possibilities are endless!

    Good things come in small packages


    Now introducing smaller size lamps in an expanded line of product to fit more fixtures

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    HID Replacement Lamps product matrix


    Now introducing an expanded line of products to fit more fixtures. Get the perfect fit with our new line of smaller size lamps, because size matters.


    We offer so many options, it is often challenging to find the right lighting for your HID application. With this visual guide you can find the right lamp for your space and get the perfect fit.

    TrueForce MasterClass LED High Bay Lamps


    Save evergy and distribute light exactly where it is needed. A cost-effective alternative for traditional lamps operated in high bay applications, making it easy to upgrade to LED. Available in both UL-Type A & UL-Type B options.

    TrueForce LED Post Top Lamps


    Save energy and retain your unique charm. These lamps make it easy to upgrade to long lasting, energy saving LED technology without sacrificing your site’s unique outdoor character. Save yourself the hassle of replacing your entire fixture, and retrofit to upgrade your urban lighting.

    Core Pro LED Corn Cob Lamps


    Get the right fixture fit at an affordable price. Replace conventional metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps, making it hassle-free to retrofit and maximize efficiency. Designed to fit fixtures in most relevant applications, these omni-directional ballast-bypass lamps offer an ideal and affordable way to upgrade existing HID fixtures to the latest LED technology.

    TrueForce MasterClass LED Corn Cob Lamps


    The perfect fit with uncompromising efficacy and color quality. Maximize energy savings & flexibilty  with our tiny high lumen Corn Cob lamps offering up to 24,000 lumens while still fitting within ANSI standards, offering a seamless LED upgrade.

    CorePro LED Wall Pack Lamps


    Ideal and easy upgrade from Wall packs to LED Lamps with optimal light distribution. Making it hassle-free to retrofit and maximize efficiency. Flat panel design with directional LED array delivers dedicated light distribution & intensity.

    LED CCT Selectable Corn Cobs


    Ideal upgrade to LED with a choice of 3 color temperatures in one lamp. Streamline your inventory or use one lamp for multiple applications.

    CorePro Glass LED HID Lamps


    An affordable and simple upgrade from HID lamps to LED HID with a perfect-fit solution. 

    CorePro Glass LED HID Lamps

    Core Pro HighBay/LowBay Lamps


    Superior brightness at a fraction of the cost. These high lumen lamps are perfect for a variety of low bay applications with large surface areas such as: garages, warehouses and work-sites. 

    Rebate Finder. Save, reduce & stay competitive


    Many utility companies offer great rebates on lamps which may significantly reduce upfront costs and create a very attractive return on your investment.

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    Case Study & Video

    TrueForce LED Industrial and Retail lighting

    TrueForce Introduction Video

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