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    Sustainable lighting to fit your brand

    Three reasons to choose 3D printed lighting


    Lighting that fits your brand


    Create or co-create beautiful lighting that will enhance your brand experience.


    The most sustainable choice


    Designed for the Circular Economy. Made with 100% recyclable materials.

    3D Printing

    Only printed when you need it


    Fast delivery times, also for larger quantities. Eliminate storage costs.

    Create your own design


    Create and personalize your decorative or functional lighting in our intuitive online configurator. By choosing type, color, opacity and texture, you can shape a unique identity for an unrivaled customer experience. 


    Our Philips 3D-Printed luminaires are made out of 100% recyclable polycarbonate.


    Start customizing now

    Step by step customisation


    Define your shape, size and material

    With a vast choice in shapes and materials you can make your fixture stand out.

    Select the texture and pattern


    Lines, woven, technology grooves, or just normal finish? It’s all possible.


    Determine the lighting details

    Pick the right lumen output, driver settings, optics and other options for your light.

    Hit the button! Fast Delivery

    Finally, confirm your design and we‘ll print and deliver – fast, convenient and reliable.

    Embark on a 360° VR 3D printing lighting experience

    Discover how sustainable Philips 3D printed lamps are created. The video shows examples of these lights in an office and a hospitality application. Get a close-up of our printing process, which allows us to manufacture at scale, around the world, in a sustainable manner.


    Learn more

    Your most sustainable and beautiful lighting choice!


    Your choice for LED lighting already makes 

    a significant positive impact on your sustainability goals. 

    3D printed lighting from Signify will help you make even more impact. 


    Our products are designed for a circular economy and have a lower carbon footprint. 


    100% made for a circular economy


    Our 3D printed luminaires are printed with a 100% recyclable polycarbonate and are designed to be fully re-used at the end of their lifetime, avoiding waste of material. 


    Compared to traditional luminaires, our smart innovative circular designs use no paint, less parts and less screws. 

    3D Printer

    3D Printed locally and on demand


    We manufacture locally which reduces transport distances for materials, parts and final products. We only print it when you need it to avoid large stock storage.


    Due to the light weight of polycarbonate, less energy is used during transportation. This drastically reduces CO2 emissions.

    Sustainable Cloud

    Reducing the CO2 footprint up to 75%


    Compared to traditional aluminium die casting production methods, 

    3D printing requires far less energy and material. This brings you a reduction up to 75% on your carbon footprint.


    Together with the reduced transportation footprint and the standard use of LED lights, 3D printed luminaires are the most energy efficient choice.

    Get inspiration from our latest sustainable projects

    Copenhagen Airport

    Copenhagen Airport

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

    In collaboration with Signify Copenhangen Airport chose to replace 250 conventional downlights with the tailormade and 3D-printed GreenSpace Downlights with PerfectFit from Philips.


    Praxis Store


    Location: Wijchen, the Netherlands

    Tailored lighting creations makes a unique Praxis design possible with more than 3,600 LED luminaires installed during an extensive replacement operation in 30 retail stores.

    Mark & Spensers

    Marks & Spencer


    Location: Manchester, UK

    With 11,000 3D-printed luminaires, M&S improved its store performance to generate significant energy savings.

    Are you ready to design your next project?

    Design it yourself

    Design it yourself, it’s easy!


    Customize to your wishes with a large variety of choices in shape, material, color, and size.


    Co-create with our design team


    Do you have a special request? Let our team help align a design with your brand.


    Are you looking for a 3D Decorative luminaire with unique choices?


    Visit Signify e-catalog to see our collection of standard 3D decorative lines.





    Get a 3D-Printed luminaire sample