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    Stock Ready Program 2022

    Are you Stock Ready?

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    The most complete stock offer in the industry


    Signify’s Stock Ready portfolio consists of lamps, ballasts, retrofit kits and luminaires that ship in two days or less! Team up with Signify in 2022 and take advantage of benefits that will help you stock and sell.

    Learn about our complete Ready to go portfolio, meeting all your stock, design and specification needs.

    Program Benefits Include

    Saving opportunities, exclusive marketing support, and advanced portfolio updates


    Freight Minimums

    Stock Ready partners get free freight on all Stock Ready luminaires and exclusive freight minimums on LED and conventional lamps.


    Simple Returns

    All Stock Ready products are returnable! See the benefits chart for details.


    Price Change Reimbursement

    Receive reimbursement on any remaining Stock Ready inventory that you purchased within the designated time period prior to the new price effective date!


    Where to Buy
    Benefit from the thousands customers that visit our website each day by having your company listed as a place to buy! As a 2022 Stock Ready partner you have the option to have your branch locations listed on our where to buy tool. Ask your Signify Sales Representative for a copy of the where to buy template and send it to

    Branch Welcome Kit

    Be sure to register below and place your buy-in order to receive a branch welcome kit in the mail!


    Marketing Support
    Access your digital library in the MyLighting Document Center to promote and help you sell! Digital assets include banner ads, promotion templates, product videos, and more!


    Advance Delistment Notification
    Avoid confusion by receiving timely notification of delistments 60 days before the delist date.

    Enrolling in our program is simple… We are Ready to grow together in 2022!

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    Speak to your Signify Sales Rep about consolidating your 2022 stock purchases with Signify
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    Enroll in the Q1 rebate program and register for communications and program exclusive offers below
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    Leverage our marketing tools to ensure inventory sell through
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    Place unlimited Q1 buy-in offers to start the year on-track to maximize incentives and qualify for the 2022 Stock Ready program

    Visit the promotions folder in the MyLighting document center for information on the latest promotions and offers