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    Two-Wire Indicator Light/Test Switch (2W-ITS) with Tubing, Provided in Bulk (1000-piece box)

    Model #: PRT00268
    12NC: 913702493301
    Bodine - Emergency Lighting
    Bodine -  PRT00268



    • This item includes a low-voltage 1/2" diameter pushbutton test switch (two-wire) with integral charging indicator LED (2W-ITS) provided in a 1000-piece box.


    • The MOQ for this item is 1000 pieces purchased as one PRT00268. Item arrives with 1000 pieces of the 2W-ITS in a cardboard box.


    • This item is primarily used with CertaPath CSL10T3 products.


    • Two-wire test switch/charging indicator LED lead wires are 6" long. They connect to the appropriate lead wires on the emergency unit as shown in that unit's installation instructions.